Writing Outlines Fast So You Can Get Started on Your Book

This article is about writing outlines fast so you can get started on what you really want to do which is write your book. The importance of taking this step before you begin to write your book cannot be underestimated.

Taking the time to write an outline gives you a big view of what you will cover in your book. It also keeps you focused, on track and is the first step to actually creating a finished product.

Writing Outlines Step by Step

Although writing an outline may not have been a favorite subject in grade school, don't worry, the process can be quick and painless, especially if you know your subject matter well.

Before you start, sit down, take a few deep breaths and let yourself relax. Let the information come to you.

Next, divide your subject into sections, write a headline for each section with a few notes, quotes or directions for developing the content. Write fast. Let the information spill out of your brain. Don't take time to edit. There will be plenty of time to go back and do that later. For now, you just want to capture the flow, main points and big idea.

In fact, it may help to think of the purpose of writing outlines as creating the framework for your books main idea. Start at the beginning and lead people step by step to the end. That's really all an outline is.

writing outlines

In addition to developing your idea, you might want to include a foreword, introduction, tips section, acknowledgments, dedication page, resources section, final comments, etc which will all add content to your book.

Of course, the length of the outline depends on the breadth and depth of the topic that you want to cover. For instance if your book offers one solution to one problem, your outline will be pretty short. If it covers a broader topic, you will have more points to explore.

Once you're finished with your outline, walk away from it. Let it sit for a couple of days and then come back to it. Read through it and see if it contains what it is supposed to: the skeleton of your book. If so, you're ready to tackle each topic and start writing your book.

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Writing Outlines - Writing Tips

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