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Ready to get started writing ebooks? If you're like me, you probably feel like you've been waiting a long time for this moment. But first let's lay the groundwork for success. After all, you don't want to do what I call "write in circles" and end up with a book that doesn't sell.

And even though our pens are poised, we must do some market research first. By the way, this is all explained in the free resource Make Your Knowledge Sell. By following this free course on writing books, you'll be following the advice of two very successful experts who have written a number of ebooks and made a great deal of money selling them on the web.

In this issue, we'll be working straight from the first two lessons in the book. So download your copy of the course and follow along with me.

The first lesson in the book was written to spark your creative juices -- to get your brain thinking about all the things you know, which will become the subject matter for your work.

The sky's the limit when I comes to writing ebooks.

The point of the first lesson is that it pays to pick a topic that you know and love ... a topic that fascinates you ... that you won't mind researching, if it's necessary to do so.

Your ebook might be about how to grow championship roses or how to sell a home by owner.

writing ebooks

Just make sure that it's a subject that EXCITES you.

My chosen subject? I'm writing ebooks about parenting--

a subject about which I care deeply.

On to the next lesson:

If you still haven't decided on your subject matter, this section will really get you thinking. Don't skip the step on brainstorming your subject matter. The end result might surprise you. It might be a topic that further defines your special interest or niche or it might be something that you hadn't even thought about. Remember: you want to write ebooks that SELL, so spend some time during the research and discovering what the market wants.

Okay, you have a topic. It's something that excites you. But before you start writing ebooks, make sure you have an audience.

I know this sounds basic, but you wouldn't want to write a book that doesn't have a market. So do the work. Find out if people WANT or NEED the information you've chosen as a topic.

How do you do this? If you're a list publisher, this step is fairly easy. Simply ask your subscribers.

I polled my subscribers before I began writing ebooks. I asked the 14,000+ parents who subscribe to my ezine, Family Matters Parenting Magazine to answer the following questions:

"Family MATTERS!" Survey:

1. What aspect of parenting do you find most challenging?

2. Complete this sentence: The one thing I most want to give my children is:

3. Complete this sentence: As a parent, I most need help learning how to:

The purpose of my survey was to get inside my subscribers hearts and minds. What are their greatest hopes for their children? What are their secret fears? What is their deepest pain? Once I have these answers, I know exactly what how to start writing ebooks. And by doing so, I'm giving my subscribers something of great value -- the information they really want ... words that will speak directly to their hearts.

Since a fair amount of subscribers answered my survey and since they live in countries around the globe, their concerns can be generalized to other parents out there.

What do you do if you don't publish a list? Participate in forums, newsgroups or create your own focus group in your area. Ask questions designed to elicit detailed responses and then listen carefully to the answers.

This will help you come up with salable material for writing ebooks.

If you need more ideas, then turn to the idea-generating exercises in "Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!), the most comprehensive infoproducts information package on the web. It will reveal everything you need to get started writing ebooks. Best of all, it is free-of-charge. To get your copy, go to:

Make Your Knowledge Sell!

About the author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which uses ancient Native American secrets to teach parents how to raise children to develop their strengths and lead meaningful and productive lives.

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