Writing Ebooks that Sell - A Six Week Course for Aspiring Authors

Writing Ebooks is Easy Right?

Yes and No.

Anyone can write an ebook, but that doesn't mean that it will sell. In this six week course, you will learn how to write an ebook quickly and easily by understanding your market and the information that your target customers are looking for. This is the smart way to write an ebook. After all, you don't want to put all that time into writing a book that doesn't sell.

To You, The Next Big Ebook Author:

I know what you're going through. As an ebook author myself, I have been-there-done-that and fallen into all the traps and made some very expensive mistakes that cost me not only money, but also precious time.

I want to help you avoid these mistakes, so you can make your first ebook into a big success. Once you understand the process, you will have the foundation for a successful infoproducts business as long as you keep coming up with new ebook ideas.

And believe me, once you've started writing ebooks, the ideas will just keep on coming. In fact, right now, I have ideas for six different ebooks that I am working on.

Fact: just in the area of self-help, book sales in book stores have increased from $500 million to $2 billion in the last ten years. This doesn't include the billions of dollars spent for ebooks online. Don't you want to get your piece of the pie?

writing ebook

In this six-week Writing Ebook Course, you will learn:

  • The biggest mistakes that first time ebook authors make and how to avoid them.
  • How writing ebooks for your market will guarantee that your book will sell.
  • How to sell your ebook (and get others to sell them for you) even if you do not have a website or a credit card processing account.
  • How to avoid writer's block
  • The best and quickest way to research your topic
  • Why choosing a tightly focused niche is essential to your success
  • How to write ebooks with titles that sell themselves
  • What to do first that almost guarantees your writing will flow easily and effortlessly
  • Which software product to use to make your ebook into its final, packaged form. Note: this software is free!
  • How to use write an ebook to promote other, related products.

The "How to Write Ebooks that Sell Like Hotcakes" course is delivered in a password-protected area of this site, so you can take it at your leisure. Just use your login information to get started. You will be sent the password via email after your payment has been confirmed.

In this ebook writing class, you will learn how to quickly and easily write ebooks, even if you have a full time job. Look, time is money and if you really want to write your ebook properly the first time, you don't have either to waste.

Don't spin your wheels, don't waste time, don't write an ebook and discover later that no one wants to buy it. Learn how to market your ebook, so you can attract targeted buyers to your site.

Invest in yourself and your dream of writing ebooks. Sign up for the six week course now. At just $99.00, it's a smart investment to make in yourself and your future. Just click on the Add to Cart button below:

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