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In this section, you will find reviews of writing courses and books on writing that I have personally used in the process of learning how to write, layout, design, market, self publish and distribute my ebook. I have personally used all the materials reviewed in these pages.

These writing classes are comprehensive courses on the entire process or specific aspects of ebook production, marketing or design. When I find books on traditional publishing that are applicable to ebook publication, I will review those too.

If you've know of resources that have been particularly helpful, please contact me. If you've written a book or ebook that clearly defines an important aspect of ebook production, design or marketing, please contact Laura Ramirez to submit your work for review.

Below are reviews of writing resources that I have used or reviewed and believe will be of value to you on the path to becoming an established writer, whichever niche you happen to choose.

writing classes
  • Everything you need to know to write and publish your first Ebook - a must-have guide by a man who has written, published and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of his published works.
  • Make an excellent income from home as a copywriter. This is an excellent course and there is even a network to help you get your first job.
  • Start a business writing resumes. This is a great way to earn extra income from home or start a full time business creating resumes for people all over the U.S. and Canada.
  • Learn online copywriting - there are tens of millions of web businesses online which are in dire need of copywriters. Go through this course and earn a living at home in a very lucrative market.
  • Travel the world for free as a travel writer
  • Live your dream, learn how to write romance novels

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Writing Classes - Self Publish Ebooks

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