Writing an Ebook: FAQs for New Authors

As the owner of a site about self publishing, I get a lot of questions about writing an ebook that would-be authors send me all the time. These questions often reveal their lack of confidence in their writing skills and their uncertainty about whether or not they really have what it takes to write and publish a book or ebook.

1. What is the easiest way to get started in the field of self publishing?

Without a doubt, the easiest method is to write an ebook. By putting your work into digital format, you can publish it across a wide variety of platforms. For instance, you can publish your book as a PDF file and sell it from your own ebook web site, especially if you already have a following. Next you can sell the same book as a Kindle book, a Nook book, an iPad book and the list goes on and on. If your book sells well enough, you can make it into a physical book and other place a large order and keep the inventory in your garage or use a print on demand printer. Our top recommendation is to use CreateSpace publishing which is a subsidiary of Amazon.

2. How long will it take me to write an ebook?

This is probably the most popular question about writing an ebook that I get and of course, it's the hardest one to answer. This depends on your topic, your knowledge of it, the breadth and depth that you intend to cover, how skilled and confident you are in your writing skills and how committed you are to getting it done.

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Of course, available time is also a factor. If you're a professional who only has time to write evenings and weekends, it will take you longer. My best advice to aspiring authors who ask me this question is that if they have a good plan and an outline of the topics they plan to cover and stick with it, it will happen faster than they might think.

3. Do I have to be a skilled author to write an ebook?

No. Although it's important to note that you should hire an editor to proofread your work. I have read many ebooks that were full of misspelled words and grammatical errors and despite my low tolerance for this sort of work, I have continued reading the material because the author was teaching something that I wanted to learn.

This doesn't mean that it's okay to have a book that is full of errors though. What it does mean is that if you have important information to share, get it written. If you're dyslexic or you know you're not great with grammar have a friend who is proofread it. Better yet, hire an editor. It won't cost that much and will ensure a much higher quality book.

4. Which topic should I pick for my ebook?

This is another of the most often received questions about writing an ebook that I get. Obviously, I can't help you pick a topic. It's best to choose a subject that you have some expertise in or at least a passion for because this makes the writing process a lot easier. In order to come up with some good topic ideas, visit Amazon or Barnes and Noble online and look at what's selling in your areas of expertise or interest. Or go buy a coffee and peruse the shelves of your local bookstore. Pick up some magazines and skim through them to see what's being written about in various fields.

Remember that your ebook should provide valuable information to your target readers, so make sure that either you're willing to do the research on a topic to make it interesting and useful or that it's an area where you already have experience or expertise and can help your readers learn something important or solve a problem.

If you have something to add to these questions about writing an ebook, please feel free to share your comments in the box below or use the social media tools to share this with other aspiring authors.

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Writing an Ebook - How to Write Ebooks

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