How to Write Ebooks: Getting Started

To write ebooks, you first must think about what you know. The most prolific authors always advise that you "write what you know." Think about possible areas of expertise: child rearing, creating healthy relationships, budgeting finances, climbing out of debt, nutrition, fitness, gardening, cooking, writing a will, scrapbooking tips, landscaping a yard ... the list is endless.

If you're having difficulty thinking about a subject on which to write, ask your friends and family which topics they consider you to be an expert on.

Write a list of these topics as possibilities for book creation. Now, pick the subject for which you have a passionate interest. In your heart of hearts, what do you really care about? Pick a topic that you gravitate toward naturally and on which you do a lot of reading. For instance, maybe you love to read articles on the latest supplements. If so, write ebooks on health and nutrition because you have an affinity for this subject.

Once you've selected a potential subject for writing, jot down any little known secrets you know about this topic. These will become the selling points that make your book stand out. These are the reasons that people will plunk down their hard-earned money to buy your ebook. And this is the reason that you write—you want to share your knowledge.

To write a book, you must first have an overall vision of the process.

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Now that you have done this, write an outline. This is a part of the process that some new authors want to forget. It's an important step though because it helps you to write ebooks much more quickly because you have a plan or map of what you need to write. It also prevents you from going off on tangents.

Some other things that you should do before you actually sit down to write the content is to come up with a tentative title and subtitle for your book.

One of the things that I also do is create a mockup of a cover. While this may sound like I'm skipping steps, I use this as a way to motivate myself to get the book done. Creating a cover mockup gives me a big picture view of the book.

The other thing that I do before I write a single word is create the back cover copy. Even though this is an ebook which technically does not have a back cover, taking this step will help you focus your work on the benefits that the reader will get from reading your book. Since your book should help your reader in some way by solving problems, helping them change some aspect of their lives or entertaining them, your reader should get some real value in exchange for the purchase of your book.

By focusing on the value that you will provide, your are also increasing sales (of the book that you have not yet written) because people who read a book and are wowed by it will recommend it to others.

For a step by step process on how to write ebooks that will sell, click on the link to sign up for my six week course.

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