What is an Ebook: What You Need to Know

What is an ebook? The definition of e-book is an electronic book. First, let me tell you what it is not, so you will understand what it is. An ebook is not something that you can hold in your hands like a traditional book. It doesn't have paper pages you can turn. An ebook is a computer file. The file is formatted to look and read like a book. It can be viewed on your computer monitor and various handheld devices or printed to your printer.

An ebook looks the same regardless of whether it is viewed on a PC or a Mac. This is because ebooks are PDF files (PDF stands for portable document file). It is an industry standard and is also the file format for printed books.

Ebooks can be sent across a network and will look exactly the same on each computer. It can be copied to a CD or DVD, sent as an attachment via email or downloaded from the internet.

So if someone asks you, what is an ebook, you should be able to answer them, but we're not done yet because you should also understand the purpose of an ebook. Ebook files can be taken with you anywhere you go without lugging around a bunch of heavy books. (For instance, a Kindle Fire (which is essentially an ebook reading device) can hold thousands of ebooks. This means that you can take your whole library every where you go. 

what is an ebook

Ebooks are less expensive to produce than traditional books because there are no printing costs. There is no inventory, only one file that gets used again and again. Perhaps the best thing about ebooks is that they can be produced quickly and easily. What this means to you is that ebooks contain cutting edge information. While the information in a traditional book (even one that was recently published) is usually one or two years old or more, the information in an ebook is current. If you're buying a book on technology or building an online business or need information on any other rapidly changing subject, it makes sense to buy an ebook rather than a traditional book.

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