What is a Blog?

What is a blog? A blog and a web site are the same in that they are both a means of self publishing online. As the owner of such a site, you write articles and publish them to your site so web visitors can read them.

The main difference between a blog and web site is that a blog is usually focused on a topic that is timely and always changing. For instance, the political climate in America could be a great subject for a blog, while more timeless topics, such as home improvement lend themselves better to a web site.

If you're looking to make money online by getting into web publishing, is it better to build a web site or learn how to blog? In order to determine the answer, ask yourself:

What is a Blog

  • Will I be writing short, but frequent posts that make my readers aware of current issues
  • Will my site keep track of trends
  • Will my site depend on visitor feedback
  • Am I willing to post content to my site several times per day?

If your answers to the questions are yes, then learn how to blog by taking the class that will show you exactly what you need to succeed. There are millions of blogs out there, many of which only have a handful of readers, so if you want to succeed, you'll need to learn how to take the steps that will ensure your success. I have taken this class myself and highly recommend it. It includes online videos that will lead you step-by-step through the process, resources that you can access any time and a support forum of enthusiastic and successful bloggers. Best of all, it is taught by a master in the field. Click to learn more about the blogging class. In addition to get video instructions, you also get an easy to use blogging theme.

what is a blog

If your answers to the questions are no or a mixture of yes and no, then you'll want to build a web site which also incorporates blogging features for timely bits of information about subject matter related to the theme of your site. The system I have used for the past nine years to build four successful web sites, including this one, gets my highest recommendation. In addition to getting web site building tools (for newbies and experienced users alike), you get an education on how to build a site that will attract targeted traffic to your site.

Beyond that, the system has all kinds of resources for various online business models and an active user forum where you can help and be helped. Best of all, the company that offers this system has not raised their prices in the last nine years, even though they keep adding features. I recommend this web site building package above every other hosting company on the net.

What is a Blog - Online Publishing

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