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Trafford Publisher is a POD publisher (POD stands for print on demand) that has been around for many years. Four years ago, I published an article written by an author of many books who was quite pleased with their services.

In the past few weeks, I have run into a few more authors who have signed contracts with Trafford Publisher and have been quite pleased with the outcome. Last week, at an Authors & Artists function, I had a booth next to an author who has published four books through them (all the books are fiction; two for children, one for teens and one for adults). He was pleased with the customer service and the quality of the book. The only negative he shared was that he felt Trafford charges quite a bit per copy, so it is difficult for him to make a profit when he sells the book himself (as he was doing at this function.) Understand that Trafford prints the books and you must buy them at the cost they determine for the book.

Although I have been told by Trafford Publisher and by their authors that the company allows authors to retain the rights to their work, don't take this as gospel. Always, always read your contract, as a pod publisher (or any publisher for that matter) can change their policies from one contract to the next. Although not likely, it is possible.

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One author told me that his experience with Trafford has been excellent, but that the profits they take are bigger than he'd like. This is what I heard from the other author. Obviously the people at Trafford need to be paid for their efforts and they do perform some valued services. If you don't know how to use software to typeset your book, design the cover or marketing materials, then you can go with a pod publisher or hire independent typesetters, artists, copywriters, etc, but in the end, remember that you're responsible for the final product.

An alternative to Trafford is CreateSpace publishing. They do not take rights, produce beautifully printed books and allow you to create a book by uploading your manuscript and book cover file to their server with your browser. Best of all, creating your book through them gets your book listed on Amazon. To learn how to set up your account, follow my step by step tutorial on publishing a book through CreateSpace.

If you're interested in reading more about the self publishing services I've used to publish my books, click on the link. If you plan to write and publish more than one book, it pays to  learn the process start to finish.

Read an author's story about working with Trafford Publisher

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