Turn Speech to Text Easily,
Quickly & Accurately

Easily Turn speech to text on Your Computer.

Simple-to-Use Transcription Software - Perfect for Writers, Business Peole, Medical & Legal Professionals & Students

With Dragon Naturally Speaking or Mac Dictate, You Can:

  • Speak into your computer and let it create the document.
  • Easily create rough drafts.
  • Quickly transcribe notes about meetings with patients or clients.
  • Effortlessly create first drafts (great for writers, teachers, researchers and students)
  • Software versions available for the PC or the Mac
  • Install software on your computer and start turning speech to text within about 10 minutes.
  • Most people speak about 120 words per minute, but only type 40 words per minute. Voice software or text (speech to text) allows you to create documents 3X as fast
  • The software works with approved headsets or bluetooth devices. You can even dictate into a handheld device and sync later.
  • Works with many programs including word processing programs, email programs, browsers and more. In addition to transcription, the software can be used to issue voice commands.
  • Up to 99% accurate.
  • Simple to install and use.
  • If you use industry-specific words, you can quickly train the software to learn this jargon.
  • Save time, no more typing.
  • If you're better at speaking than writing or you want to increase your writing speed, you will really appreciate this software.
  • Comes with an approved headset.
  • Get your copy of the top Voice to Text Software, Dragon Naturally Speaking (for the PC) and Dictate (for the Mac) Note: Dictate uses the same Dragon Naturally Speaking engine. Pick the version for your platform, either the PC or the Mac.

Pick the version for your platform, either the

PC or the Mac.
Dragon Naturally Speaking  10 Preferred Product Detail MacSpeech Dictate Cart Link

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