Sony Ebook Reader - Review of the Sony Digital Reader Touch

The Sony Ebook Reader is like having a library in your palm. With its simple, but elegant 6 inch display and .4 inch depth, it is easy to navigate, fun to use and made to carry with you everywhere you go. Gone are the days when you will have to lug around a bunch of books or worse yet, textbooks. The fun part is in the reading itself—you can actually turn the pages with a swipe of your thumb. Personally, I love this feature of ebook reading devices.

Weighing just 9 ounces, this ebook device is incredibly portable and will fit inside your briefcase, backpack or purse. Like the Kindle, it uses E-Ink technology that makes the screen as easy on the eyes as black ink on white paper. This also means that it is easy to read in bright sunlight. Since the battery lasts for 7500 page turns or two weeks (whichever comes first), you will only need to charge it now and then, which increases its perceived portability factor.

A virtual keyboard allows you to create notes or highlight passages in the book that you want to use later. You can also export these notes to your computer which makes it great for research. The Sony ebook device also comes with an Oxford American English dictionary built right in.

sony ebook reader

The Sony Ebook Reader supports PDF and ePub file formats which means you can read books from Sony's bookstore, the public domain, web sites, independent publishers, and even check out books from public libraries. You can even load it with your own documents. For instance, a friend of mine who is public speaker, loads the reader device with all her speeches, so she can review them while on the road. Included memory allows you to store 350 books and supports up to 5 different font sizes, so you can read without your glasses. There is also a handy zoom in feature.

This an affordable way to carry your library with you everywhere you go.

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