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If you've written a physical book, you can learn how to sell ebook version on Amazon to increase its revenue. Keep reading to learn more.

One of the keys to making your self published book as profitable as possible is to repackage the content in different forms. The most two obvious forms are as a printed book and a downloadable ebook. If your book is currently listed for sale on Amazon, you can apply to the digital division as well.

To start the process, simply visit the page which lists your book on Amazon. Scroll down until you see the words: "Are you the publisher or author? Learn how Amazon can help you make this book an eBook."

The next step is to click on the link that says Learn more. You will be taken to a page that gives you an email address to which you can direct your sell ebook inquiry which is Soon after sending your inquiry, you will receive an email that asks you to answer some questions about yourself and your publishing company. (This is where you're asked to confirm that you own the digital rights to your work. If you do not, ask your publisher to complete the process.)

Answer the four questions and reply to the email. Once Amazon has verified that you do indeed own the digital rights, they will send you another email, telling you about their wholly owned subsidiary, Mobipocket. Their goal is to sell ebooks as part of the Amazon store. Until this integration is complete, ebooks will be sold from Mobipocket's site.

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Before you can sell the ebook version, you must convert your work into the Mobipocket format. You are provided a free downloadable conversion program with which to do this. Once you've converted your content and uploaded it to eBookBase, your eBook is immediately available on Mobipocket and from other Mobipocket retailers. Now you have a second source of income for your eBook. The benefit of this option to your readers is that they can get your valuable content right away.

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About the author:
Laura Ramirez is the author of the multiple award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting. She is also the author of the Companion eWorkBook/Journal.

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