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Sell ebooks - now that you've written your ebook, how do you set up your web site to sell it and skyrocket sales by getting other people (affiliates) to sell it from theirs? This article details the order processing and payment systems that you can easily add to your web site that will allow you to take orders 24/7 and in some cases, even automatically deliver the digital product to your customer after purchase. (If you live in a country like South Africa where companies like Paypal will not send payments, don't worry, I have some options for you.)

There are two types of systems that allow you to sell ebooks on the web. The first type handles order processing, while you take care of product fulfillment. This means that you are notified after an order has been processed and you must email the customer your ebook or provide them with a link to download it or if your product is tangible, ship it to their address. Although you must handle fulfillment, you get to create relationships with your customers (which may compel them to buy more products in the future) and save money on fulfillment charges because you're doing it yourself.

The second type of system automates the process from order processing to fulfillment. Since these companies do not ship physical products, their services are limited to delivery of digital products, (such as ebooks, software, screensavers, etc.) usually by emailing the link so the customer can download their purchase. Since this involves more work, this second type of payment system and fulfillment service is more expensive, but it frees you to do what you do best which is write more books or create more products.

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Sell Ebooks: Credit Card Processing Only

Below is a list of providers that can give your web site the ability to process orders. This works for selling ebooks, other digital products and physical products as well. As specified above, this method requires that you handle product fulfillment. Personally, I love doing my own order fulfillment because I love the personal contact with my customers—contact that often leads to testimonials, recommendations and followup purchases.

1. Paypal - is probably the most popular of all the online payment systems. I use it on my sites to sell my book (which I ship) and its companion e-workbook (which I email to customers who have purchased it.) Paypal is an excellent solution and the same account can be used on different web sites (if you have more than one.) It is easy to figure out how to use and their charges are quite reasonable. What they charge for their services is based on a number of factors, so you'll have to check it out with regard to your particular situation. Customers can choose to pay you directly from their Paypal account or use a credit card.

In my experience, Paypal's customer service is excellent. Only problem with Paypal: they do not send payments to certain countries, like South Africa. So if you're a webmaster in South Africa who wants to sell ebooks from your site, you'll have to use an alternate online payment system. (Use the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left to email me and inquire about a system) To sign up to put a Paypal shopping cart on your web site, click on

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

2. ClickBank - is an affiliate program and credit card processing system that allows you to sell ebooks from your site and promote your ebook on a huge network that allows other web site owners to promote your e-product in exchange for a percentage of the sale. Although you may not like the idea of sharing profits, understand that you will gain access to markets (and thus sales) that you could not reach otherwise. It's like having a sales force working for you 24/7 around the world. Sell Ebooks using ClickBank

3. PayDotCom - If you have a Paypal account, you can use PayDotCom as an alternative to ClickBank. You can list your ebook for free on their affiliate site and their processing fees are quite reasonable. Their program allows you to sell ebooks and other digital products or collect monthly subscription fees if you have a membership web site. It also gives you stats tracking and provides tools to help promote your ebook to affiliates to sell from their web sites. Sign up for PayDotCom

Sell Ebooks: Credit Card Processing and Egoods Fulfillment

The companies listed below provide credit card processing and fulfillment of digital products, including ebooks and software. This effectively takes you out of the loop unless there is a problem with an order or a customer complaint.

1. DigiBuy - with this setup, you don't need to have a merchant account because they process your credit card orders for you and deliver digital products through a download link (which for security reasons, can be set to expire) that is sent to your customers via email. Their service is reliable, but it's not cheap. Still since you won't be dealing with customers, you'll have more time to write more ebooks. You cannot use DigiBuy for selling physical products, only e-products. Sign up for DigiBuy

2. Kagi - owns a hub that sells both hard goods and ebooks and digital products around the world. Some of the products that can be sold and delivered with Kagi include audio & video, software, desktop enhancements (screen savers, etc), fonts, games, ebooks, games, etc. They have an integrated system for order processing and digital delivery. They also have an affiliate program which allows other web site owners to sell your products for you for a percentage of the profits. Since you use their order processing faciity, you do not need to have a merchant account. Since Kagi is international, it will make payments to those living in countries like South Africa who are unable to sign up for Paypal accounts due to Paypal's restrictions on making payments to certain countries. To find out about signing up for Kagi, send me an email using the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left, so I can send you directly to the person responsible for setting up accounts.

3. If you already have a web site and shopping cart and just need a system to automatically deliver your electronic product, then I suggest you sign up for:

I hope this article will help you sell ebooks ... more ebooks than you ever dreamed possible.

If you don't have a web site yet, you'll need one. The system I use to build all my web sites, including the one you're on, allows you to build a site from which you can sell your book, ebooks or digital products by typing text into boxes in your browser. It's easy and best of all, it teaches you how to build a web site that will get traffic from the search engines, so you do not have to pay for online advertising, which can get quite expensive.

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