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Sell Ebook. You have written your manuscript and converted it into an ebook. Now, how do you let other people know about it and start selling it online? (If you haven't yet created your ebook, please see our article about ebook publishing).

To sell an ebook on the web, you will need a web site. Not just any web site though. There are millions of web sites on the internet, many of which look pretty (or not), but get no traffic (except for web site owner's friends and relatives.) This is precisely why I recommend that you do NOT hire a web designer to create your site. Oh, you may get a pretty site, but you probably won't get a lot of traffic which is what you'll need if you expect to sell your ebook.

Sell Ebook Strategy: Build a Web Site

If you build a web site to sell your ebook, you'll need a web site that attracts targeted traffic—visitors who are already looking for the information you provide. This is called a niche web site. The benefit of this is clear: when potential customer arrives at your site and sees right away that you have the information in your ebook that they've been looking for, what are they going to do? Pull out their credit card. Ka-ching! you have a sale!

The web site building package I recommend is the package I used to build this web site (and three others). You don't have to be technical to build a site, in fact, you can do so simply by typing text into boxes.

sell ebook

This package allows you to sell more ebooks online because you do the brainstorming up front that gives you the keywords for your web pages that will place your web site high in the search engines for the terms people will enter to search for the information you provide. The software also allows you to publish an email newsletter, submit your pages to the search engines, provides visitor logs, so you can see where your web site visitors are coming from and much, much more. Best of all, this sell ebook web site building package frees you from technology, so you can create a web site, as long as you can type.

Another way to market your ebook is to list it on an established affiliate web site. This is where other web site owners and newsletter publishers (who have established markets) go to find products that they can recommend to their web visitors and earn a commission on the sale. The best sell ebook affiliate program out there for ebook authors and publishers is this program.

Although you will have to share a portion of the sale with the web site owner who sells your book, you will reach markets and make sales that you could not have made otherwise. This is a great way to extend your reach and get others to make sales for you around the clock, even while you sleep.

Sell Ebook Strategy: Final Step

The other step you must take is to write a press release about your book and have it distributed on the web. This will create a buzz about your work and get offline and online media outlets to write articles with links to your web site. Learn how to write a press release.

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