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Self publishing services have grown exponentially with the advent of tools that make publishing more accessible for authors. The problem is that learning technology takes an author away from what he or she does best, which is create and write.

I know—I self published my first book, Keepers of the Children, which went on to win four awards, one of which was given by Martha Stewart's company Omnivision and awarded at the Book Expo America at her New York City headquarters. What was amazing was that my self published book competed effectively with famous authors and big New York publishing companies to win its category.

Despite these accolades, learning all the technology so I could self publish my book took a lot out of me. For instance, I had to learn Quark Express, so I could typeset my book and the learning process was huge. I had to learn how to apply for ISBN numbers, design a cover (which I outsourced later), how to obtain a copyright and on and on. This is why I am pleased to recommend a self publishing service to authors who want to leave the technology and paperwork to someone else and concentrate on their writing.

For those authors who want to learn everything and who are excited at the proposition of wearing every hat when it comes to publishing their book, then I explain the process in this article: self publishing services

self publishing service

But for those who want to write and focus on developing themselves as an author, handing it over to a printing company that will put together your book from a Word document and your book cover file makes sense. The company that I recommend provides every service you need to publish your book from typesetting it, to cover design to obtaining your copyright, to creating a web site and marketing plan. Best of all, it is affordable and the rights belong to you, so you keep most of the royalties. This is how it should be.

Now I'm sure you've all heard the horror stories where some poor author unwittingly sold away the rights to his book forever. Not so here. This company is in the business of providing a service to you that will help make you and your book successful, while freeing you from all the boring, technical aspects. The rights and profits belong to you, as they should.

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