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Looking for good self publishing info? Below are the resources that I have used to self publish my multiple award-winning book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting and its companion book and ebook. Like mine, your book (or ebook) can compete effectively with traditionally published books. So believe in yourself and forge ahead.

The resources below include everything from coming up with a topic for your book or ebook, to researching its marketability before investing the time it takes to create it to from writing the book itself to creating a web site and selling the finished product on the web.

If you have any additional self publishing help to offer others in the form of resources and/or recommendations, please submit them using the Contact Us link to the left.

The resource listed below covers everything from coming up with a topic for your book, to writing it, to selling the finished product (whether as a physical or electronic book) on the web. This was the resource that inspired and guided me to write my first book and my first ebook — Writing a Book from Start to Finish

Regardless of whether you are writing a book or ebook, you will need an attractive cover. Even digital products need covers that stand out. The most affordable option is to hire a graphic designer who specializes in unique cover design. Make a small investment in the look of your book and you'll continue to reap the rewards through increased sales.

Convert your text or document file into an ebook without the expense of Adobe Acrobat. This is easy to use ebook making software that even a novice can use. You'll be creating ebooks in no time.

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Selling your book online requires building a web site that will draw targeted web visitors (people who are looking for what you have to offer) to your site. This web site building package frees you from the technical details of web site design by allowing you to simply type text into boxes to build your site. Of course, if you are technically minded, you will also like this package. This is the package I use to build four of my sites. By building a highly targeted web site, you will have a 24/7 online sales force for your book or ebook—build a web site platform to sell your book.

Self Publishing Info:

Once your ebook has been completed, in addition to selling it from your own site, you should also create an affiliate program, so that web site owners and newsletter publishers who reach markets you don't reach can market and sell your book. Although you must give them a share of profits for their efforts, these are sales that you would not otherwise be able to make. Learn more about a quick and easy way to create an online affiliate program for your ebook Getting other people to sell your work for a share of the profits is an important step in your success. This program is for selling ebooks and other downloadable products only.

If you'd like to print hard copies of your book, avoid paying high printing fees by getting a quote from my all-time favorite print on demand printer. This is a smart way to test your book in traditional book selling markets because you don't have to purchase lots of inventory. It's also a great way to build credibility and expertise. There's nothing like handing someone a copy of your book in terms of credentializing your expertise. The printing company that I recommend produces beautifully produced books, allows you to keep all the rights and most of the profits. You can order one or hundreds of copies of your book at a time. Best of all, your book gets listed on Amazon for free which means it will be exposed to millions of potential readers. To follow my step-by-step instructions for setting up your account, click on CreateSpace publishing.

If you have any self publishing info that you think will be helpful to other authors and publisher, please be sure to use the Contact Us. Let's help each other succeed and compete with big name publishers by serving the markets they overlook.

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