Self Publishing Booklets: Making Money with Mini Books & Special Reports

Want to make money self publishing booklets, e-booklets or special reports? If so, you're smart because it is an excellent way to make money writing short, focused books on topics about which you have experience or expertise or are motivated to research and find out more about.

As the author of an award-winning book, a companion ebook and several special e-booklets, I've been there and done that, so let me advise you to how to start.Tips for Self Publishing Booklets

1) Pick a highly focused topic. Some examples: picking the best retirement home for aging parents, building backyard ponds (with photos of you building your own), get out of debt in six months, pie crust secrets, etc.

2) Write your copy. Read your first draft out loud. Make notes, underline areas that need to be altered for for style and content. Give your manuscript to a friend to read and add their comments and corrections and underline sentences that are unclear. Consider whether to incorporate these suggestions, add your own notes and write a second draft. Read it aloud again. Spell check your document.

3) Purchase software that will make your document into a pdf file. You will need this file regardless of whether you are self publishing booklets or e-booklets because it allows readers to easily download the file after purchase. (If you are going to sell your booklets to local stores, the pdf file is what you will send to the offset printer to create your booklet. If your report is an e-booklet, this is the file that readers will download after paying for their purchase on your site.)

self publishing booklets

4)Design a cover for your booklet. You do not need to be a graphic designer to do this. Even though your work is a booklet, the cover must be eye-catching in order to sell. Purchase this reasonably priced cover software. which allows you design attractive covers by typing text into pre-designed templates. If you plan on self publishing booklets in the future, you will easily recoup the expense of these two software products.

5) Use the software you purchased in step 3 to put together your cover with the content. Now you will have a pdf file.

6) Decide how you want to sell your booklet. If you decide to sell it as a physical booklet, you will need to send it to a printer. Here's a tutorial about setting up an account with our favorite printer. (Note: it won't cost you anything to sign up. All you need to do is follow the steps in the tutorial).

7) If you plan on self publishing booklets as electronic books on the web, sign up to market your work via the best ebooklet affiliate program on the web. They allow you to promote your booklet via thousands of affiliates who will sell your book from their web sites in exchange for a commission (which usually runs between 30-70% of the purchase price). Although you may balk at this because you've done all the work, think about reaching markets that you would not be able to reach otherwise. Think of thousands of web sites promoting your book for you and only being paid when they make a sale. Sign up here.

8) Build a web site to sell both versions of your booklet: printed and electronic. The best and most affordable web site building software around frees you from technology (you do not need to learn how to create fancy graphics or code in html) and gives you an education in how to build a web site that will attract targeted traffic from the search engines, which is exactly what you'll want to sell your niche-focused booklets. Click on build a book or egoods web site to find out more about using the web to sell information products, whether hard goods (physical books) or e-books or booklets.

9) Write a a press release to create a buzz, start driving traffic to your site and jump start sales.

Advertise your booklet in online newsletters that are related to your topic or post helpful tips in answer to questions on online forums that are related to the topic of your booklet. Take care not to make your post sound like an ad or you could be kicked off the forum. In most forums, it's okay to post the url to the page on your web site where you sell your book in your signature file, but check the faqs on the forum before you do so.

If you have any question about self publishing booklets after reading this article, use the Contact Us link on the navigation bar to the left. We do our best to answer questions that are not posted on our web site.

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