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Publishing an EBook 
Hi, I already have some inspirational verses/writings but I have no idea how to convert these into an EBook and sell them on the net. Can you please give …

lightning source or create space? 
Hi I am just about to put my book out through print on demand. I have been working towards using lightning source but have some concerns with them fazing …

Find Out Number of Ebook Sales 
I was wondering if there is a site where i can go in and find out number of ebook sales for a specific ebook.

Thank you very much for your reply! …

Publish Recipe Books 
I would like to publish recipe books and want to know if there is help available.

1. Need to know fees and costs of printing.

2. What is the minimum …

Publish a Children's Book on Blog 
I would like to know if there is a way to publish a children's book on a blog that I have created. I was thinking of posting little stories to go alongside …

Publish Posters in Ebooks 
Can you publish posters in ebooks?

I have a lot of posters that I have made and I am thinking of putting them into a book so that others can download …

Author of traditional books wants to publish them as eBooks 
I'm an author of several older books by named publishers and when they went out of print I wrote for and received the copyright for these works. In a publishing …

Copyright for an Ebook 
Thank you for your website, I have been finding it very helpful in my quest to self publish an ebook.

In reading the only place I have seen mention …

eBook publishing '84 college thesis as political research instrument 
An M.A. Political Science thesis I finished in '84 on how the New Right duped evangelicals at the 1980 polls could be a valuable research guide to those …

Publishing an Ebook 
I have a question about publishing an ebook from a previously self published book. Is there a conversion process or do I just upload the pdf for the traditional …

PDF Ebook Security 
Hello Laura,

I have been receiving your emails since October of 2007 and I have a question about PDF ebook security.

I have googled this but I want …

Legal or Liability Publishing Issues 
Legal or Liability Publishing Issues

If I am to sell an ebook that I wrote through a website that I built are there any legal or liability publishing …

Copyright Page in Book or Ebook 
I am wondering where I can find information on creating the copyright page in your book or ebook. Also how do I go about making it.

Copyright your …

Finding Ebooks to Promote & Publish 

first of all, I apologies for using you 'self publishing form' for my question.

I have only recently opened an ebook store and I am searching for …

ebook review question 
I'm having difficulty finding people to review or critique what i've done so far with my ebook. I think i have a very successful topic on fat loss and …

Selling Self Published Book 
I would appreciate any suggestions for selling my first book which was self-published and can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble online.

Re: Ebook Security, Distribution and Creation Not rated yet
Hello, my interest is the creation of one ebook which I will probably put in PDF, or Microsoft Word Format to be converted to a sort of flash page flip …

Ebook South African Payment Option Not rated yet
I would like to sell e-books from my website page and allow the customer to download the e-book after payment was made. I need a South African payment …

Ebook Publishing in Nigeria Not rated yet
I have 10 books I wrote which are on sale at wordclay, amazon and other sites, but I am interested in republishing them as ebooks to make them cheaper …

Formatting Ebooks and Ebook Selling Sites Not rated yet
I'm beseiged with info, some obviously dated.

On my quest to format my ebooks - I'm on a mac, by the way - I've read about umpteen different formats. … Sales and Marketing of Your Ebooks and Digital Goods Not rated yet

PayLoadz offers a great system to sell and market your digital goods, whether your product is an ebook, software product, music, digital art, certificate …

How Do I Upload a PDF Ebook and Sell It On My Blog? Not rated yet
I've written an ebook and would like to upload it onto my blog and add a buy button for readers to purchase and download. Also, I would like to give the …

How to sell my ebooks? Not rated yet

I have published two ebooks and I'm selling them on my sites. I have an affilate program with ClickBank and another one with e-junkie, giving 55% …

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