Re: Ebook Security, Distribution and Creation

by Felton Brown

Hello, my interest is the creation of one ebook which I will probably put in PDF, or Microsoft Word Format to be converted to a sort of flash page flip page kinda look. Now, I have questions about security and distribution capatibility.

(1) Now provided I get your software, can I create the ebook with your software only, and if so, how will it appear online? Meaning will it be a sort of scroll when readers go from page to page to page, or will it be a slide when readers go from Page to Page, or will it be in Flash Flip Page display when readers go from page to page?

(2) I want to use my Pay Pal Account as a Payment Gateway, how can I implement this. Do I have an ebook designed with your software, and then have a sort of Text Hyperlink for customers to click on entailed right on the Introduction Page, in order to go to an order form, and Pay Pal Page for Credit Card Info. So in other words, the Front and Back of the book would show, and The Introduction Page, with an image, and The Actual Introduction of the Book. If Customers want to read or access more, they will be required to click on the link inside of the ebook. Is this possible with your software.

(3) I want to sell this ebook from a website I have designed which will be a flash website, and the image of the Book Cover will be implemented onto the website. So once people click on the image, the first page opens, and they read the Introduction, and click on the hyperlink for Payment Gateway to buy the ebook. My question is, will the ebook designed with your software be accessible for Kindle, Nook, I Pads, Android Phones, Macs, or what? Just wanted to know what devices were compatible for accessing and reading your ebooks. What does a customer have to have on their device, such as do they need Adobe Flash, an E-Book Reader, or does your ebook creator simply allow reading your ebook only if the customer is online?

(4) How will the customer access, and return to the ebook they have purchased? Will they need a new password provided by me, or if they gave that same password to somone else, can they use that password and access the same ebook on their device? That would be illegal sharing. How and where will readers be able to access, and return to the ebook? How will I be able to keep track of or know if a pirate is trying to illegally distribute, copy, or save my Intellectual property in a file for digital robbery? Can you please email me a response so I can get a better understanding of how your system works when you want to sell your ebook from your own website, use Pay Pal, and be able to distribute, and control the ebook, define the ebook settings, and all for safety from Illegal Theft of your writing.


For instance any companies which offer what I am looking for in reference to the creation, security and distribution of ebooks online?

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