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Publishing your book with a traditional publishing company is not a guaranteed path to celebrity stardom. New authors dream of making millions of dollars by writing a bestselling novel that gets picked up by a big New York publisher and then going on talk shows. The reality is that this happens to less than 2% of all authors with only 1% of them actually appearing on popular television talk shows. That said, it may actually be more lucrative for you to consider publishing your book yourself.

There are a couple of options for self-publishing. You can hire someone to publish your book for you, or you can do it yourself. Most companies give you the option of creating a physical book or an e-book.

The easiest way of publishing your book is to sell it as an e-book yourself. All you need for this is your word processor and ebook compiler software which will convert a document file into a PDF. Of course you'll also need attractive ebook covers for the books you write because even a virtual book must look attractive in order to sell. The great thing about ebooks: you don’t have to worry about maintaining an inventory or any printing costs. You also don't have to worry about shipping.

Making your book into an ebook means that you can list it for sale on Clickbank which has affiliates all over the world. Although you will have to share your profits, you'll have virtual sales people promoting your book all over the world. In this way, you can reach markets that you could not reach on your own. Learn more about putting your ebook on Clickbank.

publishing your book

If you are going to create a “hard copy” of your book, you may want to look into specialized software to typeset your book. There are a number of options available from companies like Adobe, Photoscape, and XGBookMax which will enable you to design a printable cover and layout the text. Some of the software even provides templates for the copyright page, table of contents, and the author’s page.

If you do not want to learn complex layout software, I suggest that you publish your book on CreateSpace. In order to create a printed book, all you need to do is create your CreateSpace account (click on the link for a step-by-step tutorial) and then upload your manuscript and book cover file. It's that easy. Plus your book gets listed for sale on Amazon. Better still, you retain all the rights and most of the profits.

You may need to design a website to promote your book. There are some companies that allow you to create a site or blog for free, but often times, these sites display ads that have nothing to do with your book. This takes away from the professionalism of your site. You are usually limited to using their templates for the design so you might want to consider creating your own website with the system I used to build this site. It allows you to build a site (even if you have no technical knowledge) by typing text into boxes. The system is called SBI which is short for Solo Build It.

As a part of this system, you'll get an education that teaches you how to build a site that attracts targeted traffic. Traffic = sales. The more traffic you get, the more books you will sell. This is why publishing your book requires that you build a site to build your readership. You've taken the time to write the book, now take the time to learn how to build a web site the right way, so you'll get visitors to your site who want to buy your books.

Of course, you could choose to hire someone else to do some of this work for you. Self publishing services companies will do some or all of the initial legwork for you such as copy editing and actual printing. You should expect to pay about $10 per book for paperbacks (they make their money on the printing) and will be expected to purchase a minimum number (around 100). You will still have to take care of marketing your book if you want your book to sell.

If you read through this web site and follow my advice, you can make a living at self publishing. I know, I've been doing it for over ten years now.

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Publishing Your Book - Book Publishing

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