Publishing Ebooks: Easier Than You Think?

Publishing ebooks may sound complicated at first, but it really isn’t once you understand the process. Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects about creating and selling ebooks is their current returns figures: for example, the publishers of the digital version of the Twilight series are enjoying up to eighty-eight percent (88%) in ebook sales, accounting for twenty-two percent (22%) of the total revenue in their United States operation alone.

This is encouraging for those thinking about writing and publishing their works in ebook format because it means there’s already an audience for them. And it is not just big-name publishers that get the lion’s share of ebook sales; the lucrative digital reading field also has first time authors and publishers raking in huge profits from their own DIY ventures.

The advent of electronic tablets, instructional sites, and hand held digital reading devices only serve to emphasize the phenomenal growth of the ebook business, making electronic reading materials accessible to more and more readers around the world. Some of the more popular formats for publishing ebooks are Amazon’s Kindle, Adobe PDF, and the Smashwords website.

Amazon has had a head start in the digital reading format game, having purchased the French company Mobipocket, which created early ebook software for PDAs. When Amazon bought Mobipocket in 2005, it seemed only natural to use the format for the company’s ebook business enterprise, with digital publications that can be read on devices like the Kindle, Blackberry, Windows-based smartphones, and Windows PC. Take the real fast book course to learn how to publish your ebook quickly in a variety of formats. This is a step by step course that is easy to follow, even if you're new to the internet and to self publishing.

publishing ebooks

PDF files have become a standard in publishing ebooks because the content displays the same regardless of platform and they allow for content protection by way of a DRM password option. Not only can these files be displayed on all computer systems, they are also viewable in third party programs. An ebook created in PDF format can easily be printed so one can have a hard copy of the digital book. The downside to PDF formatted ebooks is that they can prove harder to read on small handheld devices such as the iPhone, and may require zooming in to see the text.

While Smashwords may not technically be an ebooks format, the fact that it’s a website which provides would-be authors a venue to upload their Word documents to be transformed into ebook formats merits a mention here.

In this day and age, getting a book published is easier than at any other time in history. Publishing ebooks is practically a DIY process that most people can learn if shown how. Write your manuscript on a word processor, format it according to preference, get a copyright, and find ways to distribute the ebook and spread the word. Of course, there are standards to follow as with all published material, such as editing, proofreading, and working on the lay out so you will come up with an easy-to-read and attractive book. However, it is safe that with the right instructions, you too can write a book.

Publish your ebooks quickly in a variety of formats and get your work into the hands of readers around the world.

Laura Ramirez.

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