Publish a Child Book - 7 Simple Tips

To publish a child book, you must have a manuscript that publishers think will sell. Child book publishers have survived in business by being smart and selective about what they publish. Tips 1-3 below are for those who intend to send their manuscript to a big name publisher.

If you decide not to follow this route or if your book is rejected by established publishing companies, follow steps 3-7. (Of course, first, you'll want to make sure your book follows step 1.)

1. Know Your Market

Do the research before you submit your book. Better still, do it before you write it. See what types of books are being published, notice trends. Don't write a book on exactly the same subject as another author. Be innovative and creative. Target your book to a certain market and a particular age level. If you're honest with yourself and you haven't done this, go back to the drawing book before sending out your manuscript. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

2. Know the Child Book Publisher Before Submitting Your Work

Before submitting a manuscript to a child book publishing company, know their market. Do they publish Christian children's books? If so, don't send them a book about the life of a Native American child. Do they publish books about desert wildlife? Then don't send them a fantasy story set in outer space. Be smart. Send your manuscript to a publisher who is looking for what you have to offer. The publisher will notice right away that your book is a good fit.

publish a child book

Make sure you follow the child book publisher's policies. Do they require a query letter first or do they want you to send the manuscript? Pay attention to their requirements because if you don't, your work may end up the round file. This is a waste of their time and yours.

If your attempts to publish your book result in rejection, don't quit. Rejection is a companion of the beginning author. Whatever you do, don't resort to a vanity publisher. Consider self-publishing and print on demand publishers instead. You can get your book into print.

3. Publish a Child Book with Print on Demand Technology

They are many child book publishers who will accept your manuscript with illustrations and produce a print-on-demand book. Although the books cost more per unit, you are not required to place a large minimum order, so you avoid the cost of inventory which can be quite expensive for a new author. To use print on demand, you will have to turn your manuscript into an ebook. See our recommendations for ebook software.

You can also use Amazon's platform Create Space Publishing which make it simple to create a paperback or hardcover book. Plus, it will be easy for you to get your book listed on their web site which means it will be in front of millions of eyeballs.

4. Publish a Child Book in Different Formats

The choices are many. Publish your book as a hard cover book (if you believe you will be selling thousands of copies). Publish as a paperbound book. Since the first two options require making your child book into an ebook (or pdf) anyway, publish as an ebook which can be downloaded from your web site. This is a win-win situation because readers can get your book right away and you create another revenue stream for your book by packaging the same information in a different way. See our recommendations for ebook software.

5. Build a Web Site to Sell Your Book

If you self publish a child book and use print on demand technology, you can sell your book for full profit (minus printing costs and transaction fees) from your web site. Most first time authors make the mistake of creating a web site with their name as the domain, but since they only have one book, no one knows who they are and will not find them through the search engines. A smarter way to build a web site is to think about information your book's target market is searching for and build a site that answers this need along with a recommendation for your book.

You can build a successful web site even if you are a newbie.

6. List your book on Amazon.

To publish a child book and fail to get the best distribution possible does not make sense. Although Amazon will heavily discount your book, it gets a lot of traffic which means your book will get more exposure. Some people will buy your book on Amazon and some will buy it from your site. Even if you make less money by selling to Amazon, the exposure you'll receive is well worth it.

7. Follow the Same System for the Next Book and the Next

Fine tune these "publish a child book" steps into a system that you can repeat to write and publish your next book. By following a system, you are more likely to publish multiple books are come up with a series that becomes required reading in our nation's schools. And wouldn't that be nice?

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