Print on Demand Self Publishing: Advantages of a Cutting Edge Process

Print on demand self publishing is an inexpensive way for an author to bring their book to print. Print on demand is a printing technology that allows the self publisher to produce one copy of a book at a time—or "on demand". In reality, few publishers ever order just one copy of a book, but most do small print runs—much smaller than you would have to do with an offset printer which usually requires an initial print run of 2000 or more books. As you can image, this can be a costly investment for a first time author.

The term self publishing means that the author has published the book, rather than going with a traditional publisher or P.O.D. (print on demand) publisher. To do this, the author must start her own publishing company and buy a series of ISBN numbers for the books that she intends to publish.

Now that those two important terms have been defined, we will highlight the two biggest advantages of print on demand self publishing. As the self-published author of an award winning print on demand book and its companion workbook, I know a thing or two about the process. I've used the same printer for over 10 years to order print runs of my book.

Advantages of Print on Demand Self Publishing

The big advantage of self publishing is that you own the rights to your work. This means that you can take the same content and repurpose it and earn money from it in different forms. If you're a business person and you must be if you wanted to enter the business of self publishing, think of this as multiple income streams. If you are concerned about self publishing, know that if you publish through a big publisher, you're signing away the rights to your work. Even some of the smaller pod publishing companies are now taking the rights to the author's work.

The advantage of print on demand technology is that you can do a small print run of your book (say, 100-500 copies ) and do a test-run of the market. See what the response is to your work. Does the response justify an offset print run of at least 2000 books? Following this method, prevents you from ending up with boxes and boxes of inventory in your garage or basement. Once you know your book has a market, you can print it with an offset printer which will significantly lower the cost per book.

As the self-published author of several P.O.D. books, I can say from experience that print on demand self publishing is an excellent way to go. Click on the link for my recommendation for a great, affordable company that also allows you to get your book listed for sale on Amazon.

To view the resources I have used successfully and recommend to help you go through this process quickly and more easily, go to self publishing info.

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