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Publishing From a World of Madness to a World of Sanity: Guides for Action with print on demand publishers (for short, called P.O.D.), Trafford of Victoria, BC, Canada was my first ebook experience. And, what a great experience it was. Trafford was superb to deal with. I hadconsiderable experience with traditional book publishers and the contrasts were dramatic:

a. The percent of sales I received as an author exceeded traditional publishing by a factor of eight times.

b. The turn around time from submission of book to ready to sell--a few weeks versus several months.

c. How I was treated--promptly and courteously by Trafford (a P.O.D. company); like I had bubonic plague by my editor at the traditional book publishing house.

d. Trafford never claimed they had a major marketing program; the traditional book publisher led me to believe they would promote my books. Not true. They only promote those books that show early sales activity above theaverage--good for business, bad for new authors.

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e. With P.O.D., I retained full ownership of my book vs. ownership of the book goes to traditional publishers. This is a big difference; it means you retain control of your work.

I will never go back to a traditional book publisher unless I'm offered the sky and a piece of the earth.

To read more about what you should look for in a good company, read our article on print on demand publishing.

To follow our step-by-step tutorial on setting up your account with the top P.O.D. printer today, click on CreateSpace publishing.

Dr. Marshall's experience with print on demand publishers is heartening to those of us who want to avoid the traps of traditional book publishing and write, self publish and sell our ebooks on the web.

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