Poetry Publishing: How to Get Your Poems Published

Poetry publishing is about getting your work before the public eye, so that over time, you generate a following. One way to get your feet wet is to start by attending a group for poets that has regular meetings and critiques your poems. Poetry should be critiqued with an eye and ear toward honing your unique style and voice.

While you are developing as a poet, there are many web sites out there that will publish your work as long as it is related to their site concept. Since many of these sites allow other web visitors to rate and comment on your work, if you're not thin-skinned, you can get many suggestions for improvement and a sense of how your poetry impacts others. One of those sites is Love Quotes and Quotations which accepts poetry on the following themes (like all sites, this site screens for quality, relevance and good writing, so make sure to polish what you submit.

While it's a good start to get your work published online, it's every author's dream to see their work in print. With that in mind, here are some poetry publishing editors who accept work via email or forms posted on their web sites. Be sure to check the submission guidelines for each listing. You have a much better chance of getting into print if you follow the guidelines and only submit poetry that relevant to the genre the publisher is looking for. (This is by no means a comprehensive list.)

Poetry Publishing - List of Poetry Editors

For the listings that do not have links, you will have to do your own research.

If you'd like to compile your body of work into a chapbook or collection of poetry, you can also self-publish. With costs lower than ever before, you can use print-on-demand to publish copies which you can give as gifts, sell at readings, list on Amazon or market to gift stores and coffee shops. The best way to do this in today's world is to use CreateSpace for poetry publishing. Just click on the link for a step-by-step tutorial. (You can even get your poetry book listed on Amazon which means you will have access to book buyers around the world!)

Once you have your book in print, approach local bookstores (especially the independents) as they usually have a local author's section and may even want you to do a reading. You can also sell your poetry books at local fairs and festivals. To learn more click on self publish book.

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