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Looking for PLR products? Here you'll find a list of reputable resources to help you find the content that you are looking for. Using this content allows you to get a step ahead of your competition. If you've been doing business on the web for awhile, then you know how much the search engines (in particular, Google) love fresh content. Posting new articles on a regular basis can help your site place higher in the search engines.

Content like PLR ebooks can help you to increase your bottomline. Instead of having to create an ebook to sell to your customers, you can buy the rights to an ebook that someone else has already written on the subject. As long as it contains valuable information and offers timely advice, then you have just saved yourself a lot of effort and bought yourself a profitable product at an extremely low price. Of course, if you own the rights to the ebook, then you can also rewrite some or all of it to make it more targeted to the customers in your niche.

Let's take a moment to define PLR which stands for Private Label Rights. Buying articles, ebooks and even web sites with these rights means that you own total rights to the product. This means that you can designate yourself as the author and you can tweak or rework the content if you want. This is very different from resell rights which allow you to sell a product, but not to change or claim the rights of authorship.

What you should know about PLR products is that no matter what, they will require a little bit of tweaking. For instance if you buy articles, then you'll want to change them up a bit, so that your content is unique and so the articles have a unique voice—your voice—that will set you apart from the pack. If we're talking about ebooks, then you should work a bit on the branding and make the content more targeted to the needs of your customers. This is the best way to build a real business that will endure the test of time. Of course, using private label rights products makes your job a whole lot easier than creating everything from scratch.

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The other thing that you can do with PLR products is to repackage them. For instance, you can take a PLR ebook and make it into an email course by setting up an autoresponder. Or you can combine articles into a book that addresses a particular problem or concern of the customer's in your niche. You can also give away ebooklets that you have compiled from these resources and get your customers to spread the word and enjoy what happens when your web traffic grows in a viral way.

Ready to get started? Below are a list of PLR products that will help you get started:

  • Niche Revolution - this is an excellent service that rolls out new PLR ebooks and articles each month. I know because I am a subscriber myself. Not only do you get the products, but you can learn the many ways to use them and SEO and social media tips for improving your search engine rankings. This membership site has retains its members because it gives them all the tools that they need to succeed. For more information, click on PLR products.
  • PLR Content for the Self Improvement Industry. Excellent articles, plus you have the right to sell membership sites with weekly PLR content to others. Allows you to make up to $11,000 or more per month of residual income if you just follow the system. If you want a business model that can quickly start earning you a reliable income, check this out.
  • PLR Articles - this is a collection of almost 30,000 articles that is provided in a database that can be searched by keyword. Great to use as content for web site, blogs or to create ebooks. Features a built-in Ebook Creation Wizard.
  • If you are submitting PLR content to the article directories in order to get links back and traffic to your site, then you should use Mass Article Control which will allow you to create many unique articles from one PLR article and then submit it automatically to the various article directories.

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