PDF Writer Program Recommendations for the Mac and PC

A pdf writer is software that will transform a document file into a pdf, which stands for portable document file. The advantage of such a file is that it is viewable and printable on any operating system, regardless if it is Windows or Mac OS. It is also the file format accepted by all printer companies when printing a brochure or book.

The reason this is important? Ten years ago, when someone created a file on a Windows computer and sent it to someone using a Mac, sometimes the recipient could not view the file or if she could, the formatting (the way the file was displayed on the screen or the way it printed out) was not the same. As a solution to this problem, Adobe created the PDF file format which has since become a standard. 

PDF writer software can be used to accomplish several things:

  • create a document that is transferable between computers with different operating systems and is guaranteed to look the same, regardless of the platform on which it was created.
  • translate a document file into the format required by an offset or digital printer, for instance, translating a manuscript into the format required to print a book. All printers accept pdf files, whether the final output is a brochure or book.
  • make a document into an ebook so it can be sold on the web, purchased by others who can receive it via email or download.

pdf writer

While there are free software programs out there, if you're serious about the quality and security of the finished product, you'll need to purchase software that will get the job done right. For those on Windows-based computers, I recommend this pdf writer. It is affordable, easy to use and works on the PC.

For those on Macs, my recommendation is the granddaddy of all ebook compilers (and also available for Windows): Adobe Acrobat which is made by the company that invented the format. This software will also work on PCs. Just make sure you buy the right version for your particular computer.

If you intend to get into the self publishing industry and ready manuscripts for printing and publication, then you'll need its extensive feature set. Although the software may be on the expensive side, it's money well-spent because you'll get all the features you need to produced professional pdf files.

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