Online Publishing: Earning a Living Writing for the Web

As an author who has been involved in online publishing for the past nine years, I can tell you that this is a fun way to make a living. There are two basic ways to make money writing content for the internet: web publishing which involves creating a web site and posting articles to it and electronic publishing, which means writing an ebook. (Don't know what this is? Click on what is an ebook?) In this article, I'll describe the differences between the two with links to more detail on each topic. Read on and perhaps you too will earn your living working at home as I do. (If your primary interest is learning to write an ebook, read about the ebook publishing writing process.)

Types of Online Publishing

Web Publishing - involves writing and posting articles to a web site. Although there are paid writers on the net who write for a variety of sites, the people who are making the most money are those who have web sites of their own. This is an excellent way to make money writing about a subject you know and love, especially if you can write short, interesting articles that offer tips or solve specific problems. (Since people scan online, rather than reading slowly, it's best to make your articles short, sweet and to-the-point. Click here to learn more about how to get started with web site publishing. There are two ways to build a web site: blogging or building a niche content site. Click on web publishing to learn the differences between the two and which one is right for your purposes. Click on how to blog to learn what is necessary to start a blog.

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A new form of publishing is called content publishing. Although this also includes creating a web site or posting to a blog, you can make money with this avenue by writing articles and getting them published on article directories and other people's site. Of course, your articles must point to a one-page site that earns you money, but there are content publisher groups out there that will create the site for you, teach you how to write the articles so they will earn money and send you the keywords to use to write the articles. I joined this article marketing group just one year ago and am not making a new income stream that pays my mortgage. For an initial outlay of about $50, this was an excellent investment.

Electronic Publishing refers to the process of creating an ebook. If you clicked on the link called what is an ebook, you'll know that it is not something that you can hold in your hands, although it can be printed out. An ebook is a virtual book that is delivered to customers via email or downloaded from a site. You can sell your ebook from your site and/or sell it on other people's sites in exchange for a commission. Learn more about electronic publishing.

Online Publishing Recommendation

If you get into online publishing, it is best to create your own web site which serves as your platform for writing articles and ebooks that you can sell to your readers who want more in-depth information on your topic. If you want the tools and resources to learn how to build a web site right the first time (by researching the profitability for your topic before you do all the work required to build a site, then I recommend SBI! (Site Build It). You'll learn everything you need to know to build a profitable web business using the best web site building tool on the web. This is the system that I have used to build 5 profitable sites. Best of all, you don't have to be technical to build a site that earns income.

The dirty little secret is that most web sites get little or no traffic. And if your web site doesn't get traffic, then you don't have a business because no one is reading your articles or buying your ebooks. So learn to build your web site right the first time. And do it yourself, so you're not dependent on some designer (who probably doesn't know how to build a site that will attract traffic anyway) to post new content to your site. Click on online publishing to learn more.

For those who have a web site, but want to learn how to drive more traffic to it and build a list, read my article on newsletter publishing.

Learn all about custom publishing, an effective new way to market your product or service to customers locally and/or around the globe. This is a process that attracts new customers, retains existing customers and creates brand loyalty.

Which ever form of online publishing most appeals to you, make a commitment and get started today. You'll never know how successful you can be (and how great it is to work from home), unless you take that first step and invest in yourself and your future.

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Is publishing a website or a blog best for authors? Click to read the article.

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