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Memoir writing is a fun way to memorialize your experiences and even jump start a writing career. Since the stories come directly from your own life, you will not have to spend time dreaming up a plot, characters or the conflicts that make the story intriguing. However, you will have to be willing to dive deep into your life and honestly examine the experiences that have shaped and revealed your character as well as determined your direction in life.

There are many ways to get started writing your memoir. Begin with a big-picture view of your life and the times and then focus on the details. Or write your memoir in a sequential fashion from start to finish or tell your story from a mature perspective, looking back.

The key is to highlight those moments that shaped you, the people that influenced and inspired you and the insights that you gained from walking your path while life threw curve balls your way. Share your failures, your successes, your pleasures and your deepest pains. Reveal your humanness, your aspirations and flaws of character.

By writing your memoir, you will learn more about yourself and how you view the world than you could have in any other way. By telling your story, you will gain confidence as a writer. Ultimately, your memoir will give you a bigger perspective on your life and underscore what's truly important to you, so you can seek this out more often.

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Regardless of whether you want to publish your memoir so that is available for public consumption (if you do, I recommend CreateSpace) or want to make it available only to select friends and family, understanding your story, it's ups and downs, key decision points and the gems of wisdom that you have picked up along the way will help you stake a claim in life in a way that you may have never quite done before. Understanding and owning your own life as it was lived brings you squarely into the present and helps you live your story with a greater sense of responsibility and awareness.

You may argue that your life is mundane, but you are extraordinary just because you're you. Only you have had your particular set of experiences. No one else has been exposed to exactly the same people, events or circumstances of birth and time. You have your own individual way of seeing life and even if you do not share your story with others outside your inner circle, memoir writing is worth the effort because it will help you capture the essence of who you are and how you have lived your life.

Get started on your memoir writing journey by writing down significant memories from your youth and how you were shaped by the various influences in your life.

The beauty of your memoir is that if you take the time to write it, you will live on not only in the hearts and minds of those who love you, but also in your own words and on your own terms. If you need want information, here are more tips on how to write a memoir.

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Memoir Writing - Writing Tips

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