Kindle Fire: Books & Movies On the Go

As ebook readers go, the Kindle Fire is pretty incredible. It allows you to wirelessly download books and magazines from the web, live stream videos, play games and take your favorite content anywhere you go. Since it has a 7-inch 1280 x 800 HD display, movies are sharp and crystal clear. And the new reduced glare screen makes it easy to read books in direct sunlight or even watch movies on the beach. Best of all, if you suffer from eye fatigue from too much time spend in front of a monitor like me, reading books will be easy on your eyes.

In addition to watching movies on the Kindle, you can also listen to audio books. The audio for this device is actually quite amazing: it boasts Dolby Digital Plus and stereo speakers on each side of the display to give audiophiles what Amazon calls a "world class audio experience". Of course, you can also listen to music and play tons of games. There are all kinds of apps available to add to the functionality of your device.

The unit has two Wi-Fi antennas and dual band support which allows it to switch from the 2.4 to the 5G network. This is especially important for users with wireless networks in their homes that have a lot of 2.4 G devices (such as cell phones, microphones, video game units, etc) competing for the network. If you've ever had an issue with streaming, this is what you need.

With a battery that lasts 11 hours (yes, an hour longer than most other tablets) and a souped up HD processor, the Fire has all you'll need. Better still, you'll get a month long membership to Amazon Prime which allows you to stream movies and borrow books for 30 days without charge. As Kindle Fire user myself who has an Amazon Prime membership, this is an excellent deal.

7" Kindle Fire HD

8.9" Kindle Fire HD

Kindle - Ebook Readers

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