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A review of my favorite information marketing system:

In every industry, there's a powerbroker in the background - an advisor who is known to just a handful of people, but who helps build empires for the top "stars" who are household names.

I recently discovered such an advisor.

Her name is Janet Switzer - and for the last 16 years she's been quietly creating an information marketing system: empire-building campaigns, products,promotions, deals and distribution for many of the biggest celebrity experts you've heard of.

Jay Abraham... Mark Victor Hansen... Chicken Soup for the Soul... David Bach... Les Brown... Yanik Silver... Laurie Beth Jones... Jack Canfield... All these stars have been her high profile clients.

In fact, they've paid Janet a fortune to create cash-flow for their businesses - but she's never revealed her information marketing system for creating mega-empires... until now.

By special arrangement, I've convinced Janet to reveal her step-by-step strategies via a unique and unprecedented marketing plan that is unlike anything I've seen on the Internet -- ever.

information marketing system

Janet details:

* How to become the Leading Expert in your market niche - earning a fortune from information products - regardless of your skill level, marketing budget or area of expertise.

* How to develop the right product line for any area of expertise - then continually upsell prospects into more elaborate products at ever-increasing prices.

* How determine what prospective buyers already want to spend money on - and how to quickly develop the exact information they want to buy.

* How to develop, deliver and sell two dozen of the most popular information products selling today - from books and audio programs to coaching services, international speaking, subscription consulting, teleseminars, business-building and practice-building courses and more.

* Janet's 28 proprietary marketing systems - including how to use each one of them to create a flood of new buyers and industry recognition.

* Plus so much more!

Janet even includes a template that helps you develop your own marketing task list - so you'll know day-by-day what to do to build your own info-empire. (And wait till you read about the special "First 90 Days" bonus Janet is including. Wow!

But don't just take my word for it. After reviewing an advance copy of Janet's 166-page empire-building, information marketing system, Bill Harrison, Executive Editor of Book Marketing Update and Founder of the $6,000 National Publicity Summit for Authors and Experts said,

"This is one of the best information marketing system products we've ever reviewed for people who want to make more money from what they know. It would be a bargain at 10 times the price. Janet Switzer does a superb job of showing the reader dozens of ways to capitalize on their knowledge and re-package their information in a variety of ways ranging from books to seminars to high-priced consulting and coaching programs. In addition to giving the reader lots of fresh ideas, the workbook pages she includes make it easy to quickly implement the concepts. A must-have for anyone serious about becoming the top expert in their field."

Marketing expert Gary Handwerker said,

"Superb, Janet! This marketing plan has absolutely everything - the systems, the contacts, the know-how and the to-do list -- all of the critical components that seem to be lacking in anything else out there. You even help readers identify where the easiest money can be made. I found dozens of little-known strategies being quietly used by the world's top celebrity experts - plus dozens more I know future "success stories" will be using. Expect tons of enthusiastic thank-you's when this work hits the market. This one tool alone will satisfy your goal of making thousands of people millions of dollars. Fantastic!"

Come join me in studying every word Janet has to say about how experts can build cash-rich, high-profile information empires. In fact, according to Janet, over the next 18 months the publishing and information products industry will literally explode with a whole new crop of celebrity experts.

Will one of them be you?

Click through NOW and start marketing your way to new-found status as the world's next highly-paid celebrity expert. Get the information marketing system that will have you building your empire today.

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