How to Write a Book Report, Business or Research Report

This article covers how to write a book report. Keep reading and you will learn how to get started and move past your inertia and resistance. Once you free yourself of these stumbling blocks, you will be able to sit down and write anything—a book, a poem, a business report, research report or any other kind of writing. It also gives a book report form to follow.

Writing a book report for some is easy—their fingers literally fly across the keyboard as their fingers try to keep up with the words and ideas forming in their brains. For others, writing is a terrible struggle, they will do anything—even scrub every toilet in the house—rather than sit down to write. These people put off writing until they have barely enough time to get their project done.

As a former procrastinator myself, I know that the most important step in learning how to write a book report, is to get past yourself. Behind your procrastination are the experiences that gave rise to it. I don't know about you, but I believe that my initial struggles with writing arose out of my grade school experiences. Writing is a complex subject to learn—there are all kinds of rules and all kinds of exceptions to the rules and coming home with papers covered with red marks didn't help. In fact, they made me feel like a failure, even though I loved to write and was fascinated with the written word. I remember being six and feeling so embarrassed about the red marks on my school papers that I stuffed them in a neighbor's bushes on the way home from school. I knew I shouldn't throw them away, but I didn't want my mother to see them either

how to write a book report

How to Write a Book Report - The First Step is Getting Started

Acknowledge that since your writing was judged harshly in the past, you feel insecure about expressing yourself in written form. Tell that little boy or girl inside of you, that it's okay now. Together, you can move through your fears. Take a deep breath and start thinking about your report.

Remember that writing is just like talking, except in written form. Pick someone you like, someone who listens closely to you and is enthusiastic and supportive of your ideas. While you're writing, I want you to imagine that you are talking to this person, detailing the ideas in your report. Talking to this person as you write will relax you which will get the ideas (and words) flowing in your mind. Soon, your fingers will be flying across the keyboard.

Below is a Sample Book Report Form

Your book report should include the following:

  • Title of Book
  • Name of Author
  • Genre of book
  • Description of main characters
  • Summary of the main action or story of the book
  • Conclusion: what happens at the end and your comments about why you liked or didn't like the book and why

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