by Israel del Rio
(Atlanta, GA)



A mysterious gift of honey that unlocks memories of a time before birth . . .

A man finds himself in a place known as the Honeycomb where a spiritual guide presents him the rare opportunity to review and choose his next life from a rack of scrolls.
From the wealthy tycoon whose materialism blinds him to the love of his girlfriend, to the Native American vying to end his solitary life in the mountains of New Mexico, to the desperate man taking extreme actions to save his terminally ill daughter and, lastly, to a software programmer losing his job and facing divorce; the protagonist learns that each life is fraught with challenges, emotions, and rewards, making the decision of what life to choose much more difficult than first imagined.
It gradually becomes clear that each life is intertwined with the other in surprising ways, but which life will the man ultimately accept?
With a blend of magical realism, humor, and drama, Honeycomb presents an intriguing exploration of the manner of our existence, and on whether we all actually partake in a shared consciousness.

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