Gifts for Writers That They Will Love

If you're looking for unique gifts for writers, then you have someone in your life who loves the written word. As an award-winning author and publisher myself, I've spent hundreds of hours looking for the tools and resources that will make my life as a writer easier, more fun and ultimately, more rewarding. Some of gift ideas are just plain fun, some are convenient and some of them I just can't live without.

If you know of any unique gifts for writers that do not appear on this page, feel free to use the submission box below to post your ideas. If you are a company that has a product that you'd like me to consider adding to this page, contact me first. I have used every item I recommend on this page and need to try your product before recommending it confidently to my readers.

The following products make great Christmas gifts for writers or can be given to acknowledge an accomplishment, such as completing a manuscript after years of writing or winning an award. If you are an author, make sure to reward yourself every now and then with a new tool that will make your writing life more satisfying and productive.

Software Gifts for Writers

The following software is a must-have for writers. It is a God-send for those who struggle with their first draft or who can never make any progress because they spent countless hours editing when they should be writing. These tools take the pain out of writing those first words and paragraphs and encourage authors to write like they talk, which is the only way to find your true voice as a writer. If you know someone whose writing is a bit stilted, this is because they have not yet learned the art of writing the way they speak. Best of all, this software is available both for the PC and the Mac.

If you are buying one of these unique gifts for writers, make sure you know whether they use a PC or a Mac.

For PC Users

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred Cart Link

For Mac Users

MacSpeech Dictate Cart Link

Gifts for Writers - give your favorite author the tools to build a web site that will attract targeted traffic and sell their books like hotcakes. This is the same system I have used to build four web sites that attract targeted traffic. You do not need to be technical to do this. If you have a browser, such as Firefox, you can build a web site by typing text into boxes.

Unique Gifts for Writers

gifts for writers

Most writers can type much faster than they can write by hand. For me there's something that happens when I'm in the zone, typing away on my computer. If I'm typing, I can record everything that comes to my brain, so I don't miss a single thought. Problem is, I can't always have my computer with me or so I thought.

With the advent of low-cost computers, like the new notebook that came out of a joint venture between Google and Samsung, you can take a computer everywhere you go, so that if inspiration hits you, you are ready to write. You'll want a computer with built-in wireless which is pretty much standard these days and if you need to use your computer during times that you may not be close to a network that you can access (like at a coffee shop or hotel), then you'll need to talk to your wireless carrier about a data plan.

Anyway, my new favorite notebook is the very affordable Samsung Chrome Book. Check it out. Unlike netbooks of days past, this computer has a regular sized keyboard (comparable in feel to a Mac Book Pro) and a display that is nice especially considering the price.

Christmas Gifts for Writers - The New Kindle Fire

Any writer worth his or her salt loves to read. Reading makes us better writers, especially reading the classics. This incredible device allows the user to wirelessly download books, periodicals and newspapers and read them from a non-glare screen that is as easy on the eyes as reading paper. It also allows you to access thousands of streaming movies and television shows. Believe it or not, your favorite author can carry all their favorite books everywhere they go in a device that weighs less than 1 pound. Amazing and indispensible in today's world. The writer in your life will love you even more if you buy them this gift:

7" Kindle Fire HD

8.9" Kindle Fire HD

Gifts for Writers: The Surf Shelf

As a prolific writer, I spent a lot of time on my rear, sitting in a desk chair. Recently, I've decided to exercise while writing with The Surf Shelf. This is a multitasking solution for writers, busy moms and others who want to work while walking on a treadmill, riding an exercise bike or using an elliptical trainer. You can write, surf the internet, respond to emails, make posts on social media all while working out. It's a fun, productive way to drop ten pounds in a couple of weeks. There is also a special web site for those who have purchased the Surf Shelf that has videos that you can watch on various topics.

unique gifts for writers

It's simple to install and made of 100% Polycarbonate (the same material used to make bullet-proof glass) so it won't ever break. A Velcro strap holds your laptop in place on the shelf to keep it safe. It's also portable, so you can take to the gym. Watch the video I made below to see how easy it is to install and use:

Get work done on your computer while working out

To read more of what I have to say about using the Surf Shelf, click on desk workouts for writers.

For those who need a bigger workspace than the solution above provides, read my review of the Trek Desk. This is the solution that I'm using now.

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