George Marshall's Book, From a World of Madness to a World of Sanity

Notes on Ebook author, Dr. George Marshall's book, From a World of Madness to a World of Sanity.

Is it possible for mankind to establish a sane world?

Emphatically YES says From a World of Madness to a World of Sanity.

The people who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people doing it. (Ancient Chinese proverb).

George Marshall says his new ebook is a survey of the many good things happening in the world.

"The more we know about the positive side of our world the more we empower each other and ourselves to deny programs, policies and actions that are hypocritical, dishonest, uncaring and evil," says George Marshall. "This does not mean ignoring our problems but facing them with clarity and compassion."

"There are people and groups who are, as the historian Cahill calls them '(T)he great gift-givers, arriving in the moment of crisis, providing for transformation, and even transfiguration, leaving us a world more varied and complex, more awesome and delightful, more beautiful and strong . . . '"

The book's organizing framework is the teachings and practices of ShambhalaBuddhism, which author George Marshall feels will be experienced as another great gift, arriving at this moment of crisis in the world that will help create a more beautiful, strong, and sane society.

a. Inspiring Education
b. Clear Communication
c. Compassionate Community
d. Humanistic Economics
e. Moral Politics
f. Ethical Business
g. Enlightened Military

Above are some of the book's specific topics (chapters). They may sound like oxymorons, but that is due to our growing cynicism. These things exist but we have to dig for them, broadcast them, and emulate them.

From a World of Madness to a World of Sanity: Guides for Action (ISBN1-55369-452-X) differs from other books in that it provides a powerful guiding framework to finding solutions to the major problems we face in theworld so that we can take action on an individual, communal and society level. No one can empower us but ourselves. It is entirely up to us.

A brief resume of Dr. George Marshall:

George writes: "I grew up in London, England during World War II. Thus I was one of those children that found safe shelter in the London Underground, rode the trains most of the night and looked forward to finding fresh shrapnel following the bombing."

"I had a great time in London as a kid during the war--it wasn't traumatic at all. I had the run of the city and I was savvy enough to know how to stay safe. (My father was in the war; mum was in the war effort. I lived with my grandparents and they couldn't possibly control a high spirited 13-14 yearold. In fact, having raised seven sons and two daughters of their own, they left me pretty much alone as long as I showed up for meals and bedtime.) "

Between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four, George worked as a newspaper delivery boy, a farm hand, a truck driver, a draftsman, an insurance underwriter, a shoe salesman, a teaching assistant and researcher, a producer of children's records, and a ski instructor.

Dr. Marshall was the Chairman and Founder of Clear Picture Corporation until retirement in 2001. George received his PhD. in Psychology from New YorkUniversity and has held professorships in departments of psychology, management and computer science in various universities in Canada and the United States.

He has authored three previous books (all published by Prentice-Hall) on the application of information technology to problem analysis and communication and a book of children's poetry entitled This Bus is Stuffed to the Brim.

George Marshall has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for three decades. He was born in London, England, lived for many years in the United States and currently makes his home on a small farm in Nova Scotia. His two married children, both visual artists, and their spouses and one grandchild live in Holland.

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