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The free business ebook listed below is an excellent book on the subject and I've done my fair share of reading. Unfortunately, I've wasted all kinds of money in the process, but would like to pay-it-forward and prevent you from doing the same by sharing what I've learned.

It doesn't matter if your ultimate goal is to build a second income, become a successful work-at-home mom or stop working for the man, this book details the fundamentals of building an online business from scratch, including the all-important subject of attracting and keeping customers. Wherever you are in life, this course will take you to the next level and if you're just beginning, it will guide you along the path of success. My recommendation comes from personal experience because I've used the concepts in this book to build two successful businesses and launch six web sites, all while taking care of my disabled husband and two children.

The internet has made starting a web business an easy and inexpensive venture. One of the greatest things about the web is that you can create a highly specialized niche business because you're not limited to the customers in your area.

free business ebook

Your customers can be all around the globe. Or you can use the web to generate customers for your local business. It's much more cost-effective than placing ads in your local newspaper or yellow pages. And the best thing of all is since your customers find you via the search engines and are already searching for what you have to offer, they arrive at your web site with an open mind and a willingness to buy.

If you don't have a product or service to sell then you can make commissions by recommending other people's products. Whatever your situation, whatever your dream, this free online business book will show you how to build a business you can be proud of.

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