Ebook Publishing: Making Your Words into an Ebook

Ebook publishing involves creating a finished product that can be distributed to your readers. Although it might seem like an intimidating process, it really isn't. In this article, I'll tell you exactly what you need to do to turn your manuscript into an ebook.

The first thing you'll need is your completed manuscript, formatted in an attractive, readable style and edited for grammar, flow and spelling. This document can be created in Word or any word processor. This becomes your input to the program that will change the file into a pdf file. PDF stands for portable document file and is an industry standard file that can be read on any platform, PC or Mac. This file can be send to an ebook buyer via email attachment, downloaded from the web or burned to a CD or DVD.

If you have not yet written your ebook, you may want some help, thinking up a topic about which you can write. If you're having any trouble at all getting started, I recommend this inspirational ebook writing guide. Whether you are writing a book or ebook, it will get you started in the right direction and give you a big perspective of the process. I used this guide to write my award-winning book, a companion ebook and a series of special reports.

Next you will need a cover for your ebook. Although the cover does not need to be high resolution because your your book will not be a printed book, you still need an ebook cover that is attractive to the eye. A beautiful cover will add to the perception of value of your book and will cause people to click on its thumbnail image and buy it. You can get a good cover design by using this ebook cover software.

ebook publishing

Once you have a completed manuscript, you're ready to think about ebook publishing. Again, remember publishing involves getting your manuscript into a form that can be delivered to your audience. Since most ebooks are PDF files (see explanation above), you need a program that will convert your document file into a pdf. This is my top recommendation for ebook publishing software.

Once you've finished these steps, you'll have a finished product that your readers can access via download, email attachment or which you can mail them on a CD or DVD.

Congratulations! You can now officially call yourself a published ebook author!

After completing these steps, read sell ebook which tells you how to sell and market your ebook online.

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