Ebook Writer: Building a Successful Publishing Biz One Step at a Time

Being an ebook writer is a lot of fun. You will have almost complete control over the finished product (unlike publishing through traditional means), but you'll also have to wear many hats: author, editor, ebook cover designer, self publisher, marketer and sales force. In this article, we will explore what is involved from writing the words to selling the finished product. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it as you complete each step to find out what comes next.

The first and often most neglected step (especially by first time authors) to success is doing market research. Before you write a single word, you must determine if your ebook has a market. Once you've confirmed that there is interest in your subject, you must learn the wants and needs of your audience, so you can address them in your book. Not only will this make your book a natural sale to those in your target audience, after they have gained insight or solutions to their problems, they will happily recommend your book to others. This is free advertising—better than that—it is a personal endorsement. For a step by step guide about how to brainstorm, research and give your readers what they are looking for read this special report on becoming an ebook writer.

The second step to success is having a place to sell your ebook. If you want to be a successful ebook writer, you must have a web site. Don't kid yourself into thinking that you can just slap up a site. A smart ebook marketer knows that her site must draw targeted traffic—web visitors who will take out their credit cards and buy her book. Since your web site acts as your 24/7 salesforce, my suggestion is to build it as you write your book. This way, you'll start drawing traffic, will get sign-ups to your newsletter and can present your offer to them as soon as your book is published.

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An ebook writer must wear many hats: writer, editor, ebook cover designer, marketer and sales forceWhile I was writing my first ebook, I had fifteen thousand subscribers to my online newsletter. Since these people were already reading my articles, they were already interested in what I had to say, making them a natural market for my book. Publishing articles on your web site and in your online newsletter builds your credibility and makes you an expert in the eyes of your readers. Learn how to build a web site that will attract targeted web surfers who will be ready and willing to buy your ebook once it has been published. This information is specifically geared toward the ebook writer.

Once your book has been written, formatted and edited, you are ready to design an ebook cover. Don't kid yourself into thinking that because this is an electronic book, it does not need an attention-getting cover. Although you have been told since childhood, "Don't judge a book by its cover, everybody does." In fact, besides your sales copy, this is one of your greatest selling tools online.

Once you have a cover and have edited your text, the next step is to turn your words into an ebook (a .pdf file) that can be transmitted electronically and read on any platform (PC or Mac). For this, you will need a program that will do the conversion and make any links in your ebook (in the very least, you should have a link back to your web site) into clickable links. To achieve this, ebook software that will help you to easily convert your document file into an ebook.

Once this step is complete, you will do your ebook marketing, which includes putting your book up on your site, writing the copy for doing a mailing to your newsletter subscribers to announce the publication of your book, what it has to offer them and how they can buy it. You may also want to start an affiliate program which allows other web site owners to promote your book and earn a portion of the sale. Although you will be sharing the profits, you will also have a salesforce that reaches markets you may not have the time or energy to try to reach.

Becoming an ebook writer is a learning process. Although it may seem like there are a lot of steps, take it slow, one step at a time. Follow the links in this article (I only recommend products that I have used and recommend to my family and friends.) Realize that you are creating your future—if your book becomes an online classic, you could be earning income that will sustain you for life.

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