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As an ebook reseller, you can make a nice commission selling other author's ebooks from your web site. I know—I've been doing this for years. One sale of an ebook can generate anywhere from $5 - $70. In this article, I'll tell you what you need to get started selling other author's ebooks on the web. (If you're looking for a web site that will list your ebook so affiliates around the world can sell it, please see our article entitled sell ebook).

In order to get started selling ebooks, you'll need a web site. If you already have one, then skip to the next paragraph. If not, consider using the web site building package I use. It allows newbies to build a site by simply typing text into boxes (yes, this is how I built my site). For those who want to create their site with a product like Dreamweaver and then upload it, you can do this as well. What I like most about this system is that it teaches you how to build a web site that attracts targeted traffic from the search engines. I have used this web site building software for the past 8 years and give it my highest recommendation.

Once you have a site, then you'll need to find ebooks to sell that are related to the topic of your site. For instance if you have a site about dog breeds, it makes sense to sell an ebook about dog training, but selling an ebook about self publishing would be a stretch. Below is a list of ebook reseller sites where you can find a variety of books to promote from your site organized by topic, so you can easily search to find books that are in keeping with your theme. You can join all three sites listed here, you do not need to choose between them. Since each site represents different authors and different ebooks, it makes sense to join them all.

ebook reseller

Ebook Reseller Sites


- offers a large variety of ebooks on various topics. You can search by subject matter to find the ebooks you want to sell and also tell which ebooks are the top sellers in every category, so you can promote ebooks that you know are converting well. To sign up, click on ClickBank and look for the graphic that says "Become an Affiliate."

PayDotCom - like Clickbank, this site has a myriad of ebooks on various topics that are available for the ebook reseller to make a profit on. To sign up, go to PayDotCom and click on the graphic that says Become an Affiliate.

  • Payloadz. Generally speaking, affiliate products for resellers of ebooks have lower prices on this site as compared to Clickbank and PaydotCom, so the commissions earned per sale tend to be lower. Despite this, Payloadz has generated more than 25 million dollars in sales. To receive your share of these profits as an ebook reseller, click on Payloadz, then look for the tab that says "Affiliates" and click on the link under the heading that says For Website Owners

Hopefully, this information has been helpful to you and will place your ebook reseller business firmly on the path to success.

Thinking about writing your own ebook? Get a copy of this ebook resource which tells you everything you need to know about writing, promoting and selling an ebook as well as other digital products.

Ebook Reseller - Self Publishing

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