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Ebook reading devices have become commonplace because they make buying and reading books and other digital content fast and easy. These devices (also called tablets) allow you to carry a virtual library of hundreds of books with you everywhere you go. This makes it easy to take a selection of your favorite books with you on vacation or to the beach and also allows you to entertain yourself or make good use of time spent waiting, whether you're waiting in the doctor's office or for prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy.

The top three ebook reading devices are the iPad, Kindle and the Nook. Reading this article and looking at the must-have list of features that I have provided below will help you choose the best device for you or for the lucky person that you are buying one for.

Let's talk about what to consider when comparing the various ebook readers on the market today.

Look and Feel. The design of the ebook reader is important because it determines how you can use the device. Would you prefer a device with buttons or do you like touchscreen navigation. (Note: while touchscreens are convenient, be aware that oily fingerprints will be need to be wiped clean frequently.)

ebook reading devices

Next is the display. Do you prefer black and white (with e-ink technology that allows you to read outdoors in bright daylight just like a traditional book)? Or do you want color? If you just plan to read books with your tablet, then going with a black and white display will significantly lower the cost.

Another important factor in the look and feel category are the screen size and weight of the device. Some people carry their ebook readers with them everywhere they go so they prefer devices that are smaller and lightweight.

Files Formats Supported - before committing to any ebook reading device, it's important to know how many different file formats it supports. For instance, if you want to be able to read ebooks purchased on the internet, the tablet that you buy must support PDF files.

Battery Life - one source of annoyance especially when streaming movies is a battery that drains fast. Electrical outlets are not always accessible (especially if you're traveling or on the beach), so this is an important factor to consider.

Memory - this determines the number of books, movies, games and apps and other content that you can store on your device.

Reader or Tablet? Do you want to do more with your reading device than just read books? If so, you'll need a tablet. This is the real difference between a reader and a tablet.

In an attempt to make it easy for you to choose between the iPad, Nook and Kindle Fire ebook reading devices (which are the top 3 devices and the most expensive at the high end of their model offerings), I've provided links to descriptions and feature listings as well as customer reviews of these devices.

Ebook Reading Devices - Ebook Device

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