Ebook Readers: Top Three Ebook Readers Reviewed

Ebook Readers are devices that allow you to read electronic books. (If you do not know what an electronic book is, read our article entitled what is an ebook). These devices allow you to carry around hundreds of books as electronic files in an ebook device that typically weighs no more than a pound or so and will fit into your purse or shirt pocket. Ah, the wonders of modern technology! In this article, I will review three popular devices, highlighting the advantages of each product so you can make the choice that makes sense for you.

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Three Top Selling Ebook Readers

Pocket PC - The Asus MyPal A730 Pocket PC is a sophisticated device that combines all your digital devices into one. It sports a 520 MHz Intel processor and is a speedy, little ebook device. Comes with 45 megs of memory (expansion memory supports both Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital memory (SD) cards), a 1.3 megapixel camera (which a professional photographer would balk at, but works fine for web photography or a photo in a pinch) and video functions. It features Bluetooth and a nice-sized 3.7 inch 640 x 480 VGA display which is bigger than most other ebook readers and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

Franklin eBookMan - This is a nice multifunctional device. In addition to displaying electronic books, it is an mp3 player, audio book player, calculator, address book, to-do list and allows you to write notes in your own handwriting. Also functions as a voice recorder. Offers three models which can be connected to your computer in different ways. Probably the most important feature is that a wealth of titles are available for this ebook device.

Palm PDA OS - The ebook readers made by Palm offer a variety of devices for every need, ranging from the black and white screen on the Palm Zire PDA to the Palm One Tungsten T5 with 256 MB of internal memory. With all it's memory, it can also function as a flash drive. The latter features a 320 x 480 viewing screen which makes reading easier and more enjoyable. Includes software for Windows and Mac platforms, meaning it will interface seamlessly with your computer.

Read and compare the features of each of the ebook readers reviewed above to determine which device is right for you. Since you probably want to carry one device that will allow you to read books, get on the internet, play mp3s, etc, look for an all-in-one device. Click on the links associated with each description to find out more about each ebook device.

If you have purchased an ebook reading device and want to share your comments with others, submit them by using the Contact Us link to the left. If you did not find the device you were looking for, take a look at the offering below:

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