Ebook Publishing: Questions to Ask Before Publishing an Ebook

Congratulations--you've entered the realm of ebook publishing. Although you're excited, you may have doubts as to whether your work lends itself to this format. I've had doubts myself. In fact, recently I decided to self-publish one of my books in printed form first and come out with an ebook version later. (Actually, what I ended up doing is creating a printed book and a downloadable companion workbook/journal, so I have experience in both the traditional and the new realms.) Below are some questions to ask before you commit to one form or the other.

Does my book lend itself to ebook publishing?

Some books lend themselves easily to ebook format. Such books contain timely information that changes first. An example of this would be an ebook on search engine placement. The search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, so this information is volatile and subject to change. Another example is ebook marketing.

Does my book have too many pages for a digital book?

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules in terms of page counts, it is a hassle to print out an ebook, particularly a long one. It's also not much fun to read an ebook on a monitor, although ebook readers such as the iPad and the Kindle Fire have made this much more enjoyable.. Since you want the people to buy your book, so they can recommend it to others, this is an important consideration.

I have purchased ebooks that were as long as 700 pages. This ebook contained timely information on site design and marketing. I started to print it out and got as far as page 350 and decided that this was ridiculous. Although the subject matter of this book, lent itself to electronic form, I think it would have a better resource had it been published as a traditional book.

My guideline for going the ebook publishing route is 150 pages. As someone who has bought and printed quite a number of ebooks, this seems a reasonable limit. If your book is longer, you can break it down into several books.Of course, if your book is longer than one hundred pages and you're absolutely committed to ebook publishing, then trust yourself. If you're concerned about how to properly write and create a digital product, I recommend this ebook publishing guide.

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Will ebook publishing lessen the likelihood that professionals will use my ebook as a resource?

If your book is a resource for professionals, would they prefer to thumb through it or access it from their computer. My book is on parenting and is geared to parents and professionals alike. I envision it being used in university settings to teach the core concepts of parenting and child development to students. Due to this, a traditional self-published book seems the best possible format. However, as more and more people realize the advantages of accessing information instantly online, ebooks may become the gold standard.

Before you choose ebook publishing as the means of getting your work into your readers' hands, make sure to carefully consider your answers to the three questions posed above.

If reading this article has convinced you to publish your book as a paperback instead, read this article on how to get started with CreateSpace publishing and easily upload your work to create a physical book and even get it listed for sale on Amazon. The article details an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

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