Ebook Publishing Companies - Subsidy and Non-Subsidy Publishers

When you have finished writing and editing your book, the next step is to select from this list of ebook publishing companies. Below you will find our list of publishers that perform this service. (If you are confused about the difference between subsidy and non-subsidy, please read The Difference Between Subsidy and Non-Subsidy Companies.

Please note that although we've provided an ebook publishing directory, we do not specifically recommend any of the companies below. As the author of your work, you must do your homework. We suggest you pick some selections from our list and contact them each ebook publishing company. Compare their services and charges. Don't take short-cuts. You have worked hard to write your ebook, don't stop now. Make sure you're putting it in good hands. Hire a lawyer to read over contracts before signing. Check the web sites listed below for sample contracts. Please be patient as we add to our list.

ebook publishing companies

If you know of any other ebook publishing companies that should be listed on our site, please use the Contact Link to the left to send us an email. Make sure you indicate whether you are a subsidy or non-subsidy publisher.

Non-Subsidy Publishers:

Action Tales - publishes new fiction. Specializes in action-oriented story lines.

Action Tales

Awestruck Ebooks - publishes ebooks in Romance, SF, SF Romance, Regency, Western Romance, New Age, Inspirational, Teen Fiction, and Historical, And we are unique to the reading world with our Ennoble titles that feature heroes with disabilities. All our ebooks are available in HTML, PDF, Palm, Pocket PC, Rocket, eBookman, and Hiebook.

Awestruck Ebooks

Booklocker - publishes print-on-demand books and books of all genres. Their offerings "work best with entrepreneurial authors - authors who actively market their books and want to be involved in the entire process."


Dead End Street - is an "integrated publishing and motion picture company.

Dead End Street

Double Dragon Ebooks - selects only a small percentage of manuscripts submitted. They are looking for science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, mainstream and suspense.

Double Dragon

Ebook Publishing Companies List continued:

Fictionwise - seeks reprints of short stories and novels from established professional fiction authors. We are primarily seeking works in science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, mystery, romance, action/adventure, mainstream literary, and humor categories.


Ebook Publishing Companies continued:

Mushroom Ebooks - interested in book-length fiction of all genres, particularly science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers and romance. Checkweb site to make certain they are accepting submissions.

Mushroom Ebooks

Zeus Publications - seeks non-fiction works aimed at specific markets: theology/philosophy, travel, spiritualism/alternative therapies, local interest, women's interest (health and beauty etc). Also publishes fiction, but writing must be skillful.

Zeus Publications

Ebook Publishing Companies - Ebook Publishers

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