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Ebook Publishers

by Laura Ramirez

You have written your manuscript and are ready to choose between the many types of companies to publish your book. Before you do, you need to understand the basics about the different services they provide. For instance, what is the difference between subsidy and non-subsidy epublishers? When do you get paid royalties and when do you have to pay up front?

Before I detail the different types of publishers, know that these categories generally apply to physical books. Ebooks cost so little to publish that most authors go the self publishing route and sell their titles from their own web sites.

That said, let's get started.

Non-Subsidy, Royalty-Paying Ebook Publishers. This epublisher pays to license your book. You do not pay them to do the publishing, but you do not get any money up front. When your book starts selling is when you make money, typically about forty percent. To submit your manuscript to this company, make sure it has been thoroughly proofread. In fact, it's a good idea to pay to have your work edited professionally. Getting your manuscript accepted is more difficult than the others because the company assumes the risk up front.

Subsidy Epublishers. Recently, these companies have received a lot of press. In this situation, you pay for your book to be published. Up front costs run from $200 to $7000, depending upon the type of package you buy and the number of books in your print run. In addition to production services, many of these companies also offer marketing packages with promotional packages and press releases. Once your book starts selling, you receive a percentage of the profits. Since this can range from ten to fifty percent, make sure to do your research. The company will offer your book for sale on their web site and may also distribute to other web sites such as Amazon.com. Since these ebook publishers assume some of the financial burden, they are second in line in terms of the difficulty of getting your work accepted for publication.

ebook publishers

If you want to sell or distribute the books to local bookstores, you must purchase your book from the subsidy publishing company at a discounted price. When the books sell, you receive a percentage of the sales.

Reseller. With resellers, you pay them to publish your book and offer it for sale on their web site (There is no guarantee of sales.) The reseller offers additional services that range from editing to illustrating to registering your copyright. Since you pay for all services up front and the reseller takes no risk, this is one of the easiest avenues for publication.

If you are an ebook publisher and would like to be listed on our site, please use the Contact Us form to the left. Make sure to indicate whether you are a reseller, subsidy or non-subsidy publisher.

~ Laura Ramirez

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