Ebook Promotion - 3 Tips for Promoting Your Book

Ebook promotion is the most important aspect of online publishing. If you don't market your book, then how is anyone supposed to know about it, let alone buy it? Although your content may provide important information, if you fail to put your sales hat on, all of your good writing will go to waste. This article covers three smart ways to promote your ebook.

Ebook Promotion: Sell Your Ebook from Your Web Site

Most ebook authors are savvy enough to know they need to have a web site. If you have a web site, don't assume you can skip this section because I have an important question to ask you: Does your web site work? Does it attract target traffic—readers who are looking for the information provided in your ebook? If your web site does not get sufficient traffic and does not get targeted traffic, then you can't answer yes.

The solution? Build your web site right. Do the research, use the right tools, structure your web site around the terms that web site visitors use to find the information you provide in your ebook. After all, your ultimate goal is to get the sale. The tools I used to build this site, which I've used to build 3 other sites, one of which gets over 250,000 page views by targeted visitors every month is SBI. This toolsetallows you build a web site (just like this one) by typing text into boxes. I've used these tools for over 8 years now, so my recommendation is based on knowledge and experience.

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Ebook Promotion - Promote Your Ebook from Affiliate Sites

The best way to sell your book is to have others promote it for you. Yes, you have to give them a percentage of the profits, but so what? You will get sales that you would not be able to get otherwise.

It's simple to join these sites. If you haven't yet done so, sign up now. Why not have a salesforce that extends around the globe? The two affiliate programs I recommend (which will also process your orders for you) are Clickbank and PayDotCom. Both have a huge affiliate sales force already in place. My recommendation: sign up for both.

Ebook Promotion - Sell Your Book on Radio Show Interviews

The third step is to promote your ebook on radio. Why radio? Because radio interviews will announce your web address or your toll free number at the close of the interview or allow you to tell the listeners where to buy your book. Since radio show hosts often posts web links and toll free numbers on their web sites as well, this makes it easy for listeners to buy your book.

To set up interviews, you can search for producers of shows related to your content online or you can buy a package that gives you access to an updated database of all the major shows. In addition, you'll get an ebook that teaches you all about doing radio shows, including how to pitch a show idea, how to contact producers, what to say, what never to say, all from a man who has sold over one and a half million dollars in books from doing radio shows from the comfort of his home. I'll tell you upfront that his program is expensive, but it's worth every penny and when the orders come flooding in, you'll write to thank me for my recommendation. Radio is a great medium for selling ebooks. To learn more about ebook promotion with radio, click on the link. By the way, this is one technique that I've used to keep my self published book selling over a period of almost ten years. 

Take these three steps and your ebook could become a best seller. Best of all, you'll build a market for your subsequent books and when that time comes around, you'll have a platform of readers who are hungry to read what you've come up with next. All successful authors know that smart book promotion is just as important as excellent writing.

~ Laura Ramirez

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