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An ebook device is a great way to carry around all your favorite books (or those necessary for your job) without breaking your back. All the readers featured on this page will allow you to wirelessly download books which means you can browse online rather than going to the bookstore. Many books also have sample chapters that you can download and try before you buy.

Although some of the readers featured below cost upwards of $300, they are very cost-effective because ebooks are generally cheaper than their paper versions. They're also good for the environment because they don't use paper or ink or the other natural resources that are required to print a book. Perhaps best of all, you can beginning reading your books immediately after purchase, rather than having to wait a week for it to be shipped to you in the mail. Throughout the years, these devices have evolved so much that you can do virtually everything on them that you could once do on a standalone computer.

In fact a friend of mine who has a notebook computer and an iPad says that she almost exclusively uses her iPad now. Add a keyboard for those times when you need to do a lot of typing and you can handle almost any task except one that requires a big monitor (such as movie editing or intensive graphic design).


Among ebook devices, the Amazon Kindle could easily be considered the cream of the crop. The thing I liked most about this reader is that the screen has a sharp, HD screen that reads and looks like paper and significantly cuts down on eye strain. Smart placement of the speakers makes for a great experience whether you're listening to music or watching movies or TV shows. (If you have written a book and want to know how to make it available as a Kindle ebook, click on the link for more information).

As of this writing there are a plethora of best selling books and books by independent publishers available for purchase from the Amazon Kindle store. Most books cost $9.99 or less, a better deal than you'd get on the print version from Costco. There are many titles available for $2.99 or less. You can also read .pdf files on your Kindle.

Choose from these top-selling Amazon ebook devices:

7" Kindle Fire HD

8.9" Kindle Fire HD

iPad - the creme de la creme: the Apple iPad. I bought my husband one of these tablet computers this past Christmas and he absolutely loves it. He uses it for everything: listening to music, writing documents, reading PDFs and Kindle books, answering email, doing research on the web and watching movies. Most users think it is the best in its class. Click on the link below to learn more about this ebook device.

ASUS Transformer e-book reader - has a 10.1 inch LED screen (1280x800 pixels) and comes with 32 GB SSD RAM and 1 G DIMM. This device is GPS-enabled which is great for those on the go. Has an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core processor which supporters say beats the performance of the iPad 3. Boasts an amazing 15-hour battery life. Has front and rear cameras making it easy to communicate via Skype. Also able to run Flash programs. This is an affordable device, especially when you consider all the features.

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