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Ebook covers are essential to marketing your book. The design should be clean, crisp and impactful. At a glance, your reader should be able to tell what your ebook is about or at least be intrigued and want to crack the book and skim the Table of Contents. Even though you were probably told countless times as a kid not to judge a book by its cover, studies have shown that this is exactly what most people do.

Although you may not think of yourself as a graphic designer, you can create a cover design that follows good design criteria by using templates that are provided in a number of different software packages or by downloading them for software that you already have on your computer.

There are many templates to choose from. One is sure to catch your eye and be a decent cover for your book. Once you've selected a design, all you will need to do is type in the title subtitle and author (you can also put this information on the spine) and add an image to create covering for your book. You can also use these templates to create a cover for your online newsletter, software product or special e-reports.

While using software to create ebook covers means that you won't have to pay the price to hire a designer the next time you write an ebook, you will probably not end up with a very unique-looking cover. This can only be achieved by hiring a graphic designer. If you expect your book to appeal to a sophisticated market and sell thousands of copies, then a good looking cover can make all the difference in the world and is well worth the upfront cost. This is the designer that we recommend. Check out the link ... you can get a cover designed for much less than you might think.

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Additional Ebook Resources

Want a good, solid, easy-to-use program for creating pdf files? This is the make ebooks software we recommend.

When you need to make a p-book (physical book) from your ebook, use this resource to learn how to easily do your own book binding, so you won't need to pay a printer an exorbitant price to print a small run of books. This is a perfect system to use if you want to create some books for friends and family.

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