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Looking for an ebook cover maker that will help you to create an impactful, attention-getting cover for your book? Essentially, there are two ways to go. In this article, we'll explore the options and give recommendations for each.

The first option is to hire someone to design your cover or learn the software that will allow you to do it on your own. Learning the rules of good design could take you months and if you're someone who just dabbles at graphic design, then you may be somewhat intimidated at this prospect, especially if you only make a cover now and then.

Obviously, if you hire an illustrator, this person should have experience specifically designing book covers and know what goes into a good design. Some places to go online to find an illustrator are www.elance.com or www.guru.com. You create an account, post a description of your project, then wait for designers around the world to bid on it. Depending on the type of book cover you are looking for, the design cost can vary quite a bit.

A better way to go is to use the graphic designer that I recommend to the authors who use my publishing services. This man has years of experience designing unique covers. For less than $100, you can get a compelling cover made. To contact him or to take a look at the covers that he has designed for other authors, click on ebook cover maker.

ebook cover maker

The second option is to use pre-designed templates to design your ebook cover. If your book is non-fiction, this makes sense because non-fiction books usually have a bold title and a photo or graphic, rather than a detailed cover design. Using templates is an affordable option and best of all, since they were designed by graphic artists, they follow good design rules. All you have to do with your ebook cover maker software then is to select a template, upload a photo or graphic if you want one for your ebook, then type in the title of the book, subtitle and author name.

This software will make a flat version of your cover to append to the beginning of your pdf file, so when people purchase and read your ebook, they will see the cover first just as they would a regular book. To find out more about the cover creator software that we recommend, just click on the link below:

Book Cover Pro

Once you've created your ebook and cover design, next you'll want to learn about ebook website design because you'll want to have a platform from which to sell your book.


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