Ebook Cover Designer or Template?

If you're considering hiring an ebook cover designer, then you're smart. Although most of us grew up with the old adage: "Don't judge a book by its cover," this is exactly what most book buyers do. Publishing professionals know that an attractive cover is what usually grabs a reader's attention and can be a big factor for why a reader chooses one book over another on a bookshelf where hundreds of books on the same topic are competing with each other.

Okay, you might say, I understand the point of hiring a designer for a print book, but why is it important for an ebook? Unlike a physical book, it is not competing with its neighbors on a bookshelf. If you've ever visited Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com, you know this isn't true. Both giant online booksellers display related books on every sales page.

Okay, you ask, but what if you're just selling your ebook from your web site? Then you're definitely not competing with other titles. This is true, but it's important to remember that all that potential buyers have to do if your cover and marketing copy fail to compel their purchase is click the back button on their browser. The second big reason is that ebooks are intangible, so a stunning cover may be exactly what is needed to convince potential buyers that the benefits gained by buying and reading your book are real. 3-D ebook covers work particularly well in this regard.

Problem is: cover designers can be expensive. For instance, I paid a graphic designer $800 to design the cover for my first self published book. This book was a paperback that was published back in 2004 (and still sells today!). The designer gave me a deal because I took the cover photo, so all he had to do was design the text around it and the book blurbs on the back.

Of course, hiring an ebook cover designer won't be nearly as expensive as hiring one to create a cover for a physical book, but still, it usually costs upward of a couple hundred dollars. Although there are templates for ebook covers available online, you don't want to use a cookie-cutter design because if you do, believe me, it will look like it.

Think about it this way: your book is your baby, it might even represent your life's work. Dress that content in something captivating that will do your hard work justice.

What I recommend you do instead is use my ebook cover designer. He's fast, professional and will design a unique cover (like the attractive covers shown above) for less than $100. Best of all, he offers a money-back guarantee, so if you're not happy for any reason, he will refund your money.

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