Ebook Compiler: Which Features Should You Look For in a Good Program?

Unlike Adobe Acrobat, an ebook compiler does not create a .pdf (portable document file). It creates an executable file (an .exe file) which is standalone because the file can be run on a computer without the need for a separate reader (like Adobe Acrobat).

You've probably downloaded .exe files in the past. These files have been created by a compiler. Then there are .pdf files that were created by Adobe Acrobat and require that the user have Acrobat Reader installed on their computer in order to read the file.

Below are some of the features you will want to look for in an ebook compiler. Figure out what you need and then pick the product that has the best price point. Read our recommendations on ebook compilers


This can be one of the most important features, especially for those who plan to sell their ebook and do not want it forwarded to others for shared among friends. If this describes you, then you'll want a program with security features. Security runs the gamut from encryption to password protection to protecting the ebook's content (so it cannot be edited) to determining which pages a user can print or view. Be sure to carefully read through security features. Advanced features often increase the cost of the program, so make sure you're not buying more than what you'll need.

User Friendliness

This is important to everyone, especially newbies and those who do not want to struggle with cryptic software programs that they may only use occasionally. Make sure the ebook compiler comes with a manual. Check to see if they have a tech support hotline or online help.

ebook compiler


Does the software support plug-ins which will add extra features to the program? Will it allow you to add hyperlinks (this is a must!), graphics, video, audio, create forms or make custom menus? Does it support shockwave and java? Even if you don't know what all of these terms mean as you learn how to create ebooks using a good converter program, you'll want the features to support increasing complexity.

Figure out which features you need and make sure they are supported. Keep it mind that as you create subsequent ebooks, you may want to use more features and make your ebook into a multimedia experience.

Technical Support

Although I already discussed this in the Ease of Use section, the company from which you buy your ebook compiler should offer various levels of support. It should come with an instruction manual and should offer a path if the manual does not cover certain questions. Some companies offer an online manual and even allow you to chat with a technical person online, but ultimately, you should be able to talk to a human being on the phone. There's nothing like a human voice to guide you step by step to the resolution of a problem. Read testimonials offered by customers. If an email address is given, contact this person and ask them specifically how easy it was to work with the company to get questions answered or problems resolved.


Although many people make the choice of a good program based on price, this should be the final consideration. First, decide what sort of features and level of security you need, then find a product that meets your needs. This is the best way to derive value from your purchase. Keep in mind that some companies have a "try before you buy" policy that allows you to download the product for free, so you can check out its capabilities before spending any money.

Below is our recommendation for a product called PDF Converter Pro that is reasonably priced, but contains all the top features offered by programs that cost much, more more.

PDF Converter 7 Professional

Be sure to check out our recommendations for ebook compilers If you have a recommendation of your own, be sure to send it by clicking on the Contact Us link to the left.

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